1. "I Found God" Ed Roman    New 
  2. "Mama's Kitchen" Hicks    New 
  3. "Uptown Funk" Mark Ronson    New 
  4. "Me And You" Bonnie Paul    New 
  5. "In A World Of Bottles & Bedsores" City Of The Weak    New 
  6. "First Kiss" Kid Rock    New 
  7. "Shadowmaker" Apocalyptica    New 
  8. "Deep Six" Marilyn Manson    New 
  9. "Get Low" Dillon Francis & Dj Snake    New 
  10. "Nickels Dimes & Dubs" Bink$ Win$ton    New 
  11. "Actin Like" Setto    New 
  12. "Until The Sky Falls" Zaena Morisho    New 
  13. "Santa Tell Me" Ariana Grande    New 
  14. "Born To Win" Carmelina    New 
  15. "Golden Years" Grenouer    New 
  16. "See A Girl" Andy Burrows    New 
  17. "Bones" Rachel Lipsky
  18. "All Bad Things" Mötley Crüe    New 
  19. "Kiss You" Sasha Lopez & Ale Blake
  20. "Be Yourself With Me" Cains Trio    New