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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2012) (Feat. Kreayshawn)

[2 Chainz Hook:]
Murder, Murder, This Right Here That Murder
Pulled the Car Out The Garage, They Screaming Bloody Murder
Murder, Murder Chalk Line Around Your Daughter
3 Cell Phones and I Still Don't Ever Call Her

[2 Chainz Verse 1:]
Murder, Murder, Smoking on that murder
If a girl out with me, Just know she Murder
Murder, Murder, Take Her a** like Burglar
Then I Put her On the Loud and feed her turkey burgers
Murder, Murder, This is Bloody Murder
All This ice all over me, I should wear a thermos
Murder, Murder, Hit you with the Burner
Hit you with the burner, hit you with the burner


[2 Chainz Verse 2:]
Murder, Murder, yea I'm killing ni**as beats
When I'm out of town and on the stage it's rest in peace
Murder, Murder Somebody call my lawyer
They said I was killing Tennessee when I was down in Florida
Murder, Murder, my shoes none than a quarter
Rapping with the murder team nobody wanna record us
Murder, Murder Listen to the chorus
Ni**as wanna know how I get it when I get
Don't worry, Just know it's murder


[Kreayshawn Verse 3]
This right here is murderous
I'm Mama Kreay the gangsterous
From the East to the West it gets dangerous
When you get that dough on display and shi*
Bi**hes will be hating this
But my mind still climbs for greater-ness
That money that I'm playing with
Put a whole in your head with no blame for it
Saying it
I'm Kaying
Come back to the block and I'm spraying it
Delaying, I'm stopping it
Put a end to your life, I'm blocking it
Your career bi**h, you was never on
I heard 2 Chainz blocked you off his phone
Bi**h don't call him if you ain't 'bout to ho
Bi**h don't call him if you ain't 'bout the doe



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