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Genre/Lang. : R'n'B (2008)

I got a man with two left feet,
And when he dances not to the beat,
I really think that he should know,
that his rythms go,go,go,x2

[:: CHORUS ::]
Does he wash up, never wash up,
Does he clean up, no he never cleans up,
Does he brush up, no never brushed up,
he does nothing, the boy does nothing.x2

Hey boy, how ya bin,
I gotta thousand lines,
where do I begin,
and I, been hit, when they travellin',
I saw you at the corner,
my vibe clicked in,
and, two two's,
I caught you,
wearin tight jeans,
and a nice suit,
you were smilin like you were just 17,
I asked you for a dance, you said yes please,
take a sip of dancing juice,
everybodys on to you,
to the left and to the right,
everybodys hit the rythm its on tonight,
I'm gonna feel the heat within my soul,
I need a man to control,
let tyhe melody blow you, all away,

[:: CHORUS ::]


Work it out now,
Work it work it out now,
do the mambo,
shake it all around now,
everybody on the floor,
let me see you shake your hands,
I wanna see you work,
I wanna see you move your body and turn,
I wanna see you shake your hips around,
I wanna see you work it work it out now.x2

[:: CHORUS ::]

And if the man can dance,
he gets a second chance
Do the mambo shake it all around nowx10

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