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Genre/Lang. : Christian (2011)

Yeah God don't owe me anything
I owe him everything
They try to put em in a box like a wedding ring
He came out oh dear no venison
I spin the disease Jesus is still the medicine
That's why these bars hard to explain
So i calculate my ryhme sort of like a chess game
I'm tryin to balance all my art and theology
So when it comes out of me i represent properly
3 persons one got no apostrophe s's
Progressive with cautious slow talking
Quit to listen with sick precision
Jesus fix my vision. man i don't care if you're Christian
Or wack the .. spitting
I aint' right and you no mediocre pass pimpin
This is art and don't have a religion
They try to pigeon hold me and say i'm too holy show face
I don't come around cuz y'all just wanna see my own ways
I'm on a new path i'm chuckin up the peace sign
They going back without the index what could i expect
Hate my master and they gonna hate me too
Wish death upon me well i'm just prayin for you

2 x Hook:
Ahh we walk it out
We getting it
Aint' no days off
Man we live in it
Every day thing
Every every day thing
Every day thing, everyday thing

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