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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2012) (Feat. Flatbush Zombies)

Meech Darko:
From Flatbush to Broadway
Ni**as shootin' up the ave in broad day
Tanboys got that tan shi*
We got more quarters than the arcade
Butterfly blade, face sauteed
I laugh and then, rip off face
And sew it on my letterman
And slowdance on your carcass
I'm rollin, I mean Ronin
Life is just a car chase
Bullseye on your third eye
Red dot on your target
Blood smear on your friends near
Now your homies is shark baits
Bullets in the diem, no carpe
You copy?
Like dub tapes
I'm really bout that fetti, pa (?)
Shoot a b***h over my bread like Remy Ma
Peel off (vroom vroom)
Now your city block
Renegade living like a never seen the cops
When your words are your weapon you don't need no Glock
When your words are your weapon you don't need no Glock

Zombie Juice:
Tanboys, Zombie bonded in blood metal slugs
Blood runneth over
Could you sip it any slower? Hold up hold up
Row up
Get your hoes up
We gettin trippy
Got four hoes with me
They down to swallow
Down a bottle of that tan juice
Drop a bottle
Get your head loose
Them shots rang uptown
That block game
Make more money than cops do cuz the block fool
Ni**as ain't on my shot too
Ni**as don't know that I come through with the snorkel
Got the gun too and it rip through
One one two
F**k f**k you
Shootin ni**as in threes
Like Reggie Miller
Zombie Game
Man f**k yall ni**as
Juice be the name
Got love for the green
Came from the bottom
Ain't never gone aim
Bomb on you ni**as like Hiroshim
I'm Mean Gene
Blowin' hella green
Got my seat back and my heat strapped
And you layin' dead on the street smacked
Peep that
Smoke a blunt then relax (relax)

Bodega BAMZ:
Brown water, my tan juice
100 keep that loose on deck
Chain so heavy might lose my neck
Lose my life never lose respect
I stamp down this papi talk
I run the town your papis walk
No cosign (ni**a f**k that shi*)
She tryna chill? ni**a f**k that bi**h
(?)Maricon gran puta Like a barracuda
Eat the pu**y up, heart jumpin' out her hooters
(?) SSI so to find my ni**a Luca
Loco 730 F**kboy
I make a ni**a locked up like a pump fake
You won't electrocute of that duct tape
(?) Serve colgate
That's blanco, color coordinate
(A dead witness is a cold case, put new dope in that old vein)
Ignore the pain, we the New New York
In this old game, yall rappers look pale
Learn to survive since Oregon Trail
I'mma just win never tie or trail
This ni**a pu**y leave him holy like the grail
Picture me scared, frame hangin' off a nail
Nah not me
I'm the one, not two, so high I see three
Like Paul

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