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Genre/Lang. : Country (2013)

Every shots like a bullet to a memory
I’m loadin this gun up with whiskey
Shootin down his lies one glass at a time
By the end of the night I’ll be alright, so bartender hit me
I’m only

[:: CHORUS ::]
Halfway to wasted, halfway to gone
Halfway to leavin behind that man I wasted too much time on
So pour me another one just like the last one
It’s a long night ahead...and I’m just halfway to wasted

I’ll sit right here for as long as it takes me
To erase every I love you baby
Gonna pull the trigger on about a dozen heart break songs
A little George Jones and Jim Beam to get me where I’m going

[:: CHORUS ::]

I’m only halfway there... Halfway there

[:: CHORUS ::]

Every shots like a bullet to a memory
I’m loadin' this gun with whiskey

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