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Genre/Lang. : Christian (2008)

Verse 1
Who are You
Oh God that You would notice me
I just can't understand
How the Creator of the universe
Could show me so much love
And give it all for me

Verse 2
Spending time with You
Abiding in Your Presence
You are so amazing
To listen to Your voice
Speak to me so clearly
It takes my breath away

Misc 1
You have always been
My Strong Tower
My Rock and my Fortress
My Shelter
In the time of the storm
And forever You have held me
Under the shadow of Your wings
And the words You speak
Have given me life

[:: CHORUS 1 ::]
To know Your heart
To feel Your love
To find You in that secret place
And touch Your heart oh God
To hear Your voice
Call out my name
Lord there's nothing in this world
That I want more
Than to know Your heart

Verse 3
Show me Your ways oh Lord
Just like You did with Moses
And teach me Your paths
Let Your fire come and burn me up
Till there's nothing left
But You oh Lord
Till there's nothing left but You

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