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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2012)

[Verse 1]

Don't get caught in the mix
We came to fix that shi*
PREGAME with three dames and hit that bi**h
Nappy fro Ni**a with a soul tho
Hating on the team that be no go
I came to bring the noise like a mofo
Unless you Ni**as Def like SoSo
Oh oh, wait
Yeah wave me up electrifying like they tased me up
I can't behave because I'm crazy with a ADHD touch
Never seen a guy like such
With high rise cause I got drive like clutch
When you ride by girl panties dry like dust
Don't front cool guys to the back of the bus
I must say for some months
I've been sitting back plotting and watching you Ni**as stunt
F**k it it's new lunch
Your music hella swaggy actually crew sucks
That shi* is too huff
I rather bump 50 Tyson in a chrystler go back and work on some new stuff
(It's Calez)
Hot as Lava In f**king p-coat
She know smashing Rihanna's why you f**king zero
He gone copy and flee just like a f**king Kinkos
Bout to take over in uno momento
Fingers up shout my Ni**a tink tho
Catch me f**king with a bad bi**h from Puerto Rico
You want mission impossible give me bout cinco
F**k it thats too long all you gotta do is blink ho
Man I'm taking off in this bi**h
Drop the kid with raps man I'm f**king off of that shi*
When I do shows fans treat me awesome as shi*
Call me Based God Jr. Way he offered his bi**h
I'm off this bi**h

[Hook] 9x
Man I'm stunting on you Ni**as
Man I'm stunting on you man I'm man I'm

How many of you Ni**as want to be great?
I'll wait
Ni**as ain't rapping they rapping for rapping sake
Appoint me as the captain I'm smashing these Ni**as plates
Couldn't get in BRKFST CLUB if you flashing a f**king fake what?
Ni**as can't get bodied?
Shoutout to Legit yes I'm the shi* in the potty
Highway to hell you can hella ride shotty
Ni**as losing minds rest in piece to Chris Lighty
Aw man
My team going nuts, almonds
I'll make sure to send you a coffin
And we no bury you we carry you and let you float in the f**king creek no Dawson
You muthaf**kas making rap exhausting
You Ni**as so sick I'm coughing
3:16's a leave you career stone cold and I ain't talking Steve Austin im stunting



Nailing these girls
And Counting these figures
And I dont give a f**k about shi* but my Ni**as
A f**k about shi* but my Ni**as
Said I dont give a f**k about shi* but my Ni**as
We counting these figures
And I dont give a f**k about shi* but my Ni**as
Shit but my Ni**as
Said I dont give a f**k about shi* but my Ni**asExplain

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