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Genre/Lang. : Country (2009)

Tuxedo waiters, black ties
White tablecoths, and red wine
We've been plannin' this night, lookin' forward to it
for some time
Honey I know you love gettin' dressed up
And you know I love showin' you off
Watchin' your baby blue eyes, dancin' in the candlelight glow
All I can think about, is gettin' you home

[:: CHORUS ::]
Walkin' through the front door,
Seein' your black dress hit the floor
Honey there sure ain't nothing, like you lovin' me
All night long
And all I can think about, is gettin' you home

I don't need this menu, no I don't
I already know just what I want
Did I hear you right? Did you tell me
Go pay the waiter, and let's leave
Honey I know by that look in your eyes
And your hand drawin' hearts onto mine
That our night out of the house, ain't gonna last too long
When all you can think about, is gettin' me home

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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