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Genre/Lang. : R'n'B (2011)

Spoken Words:
Sometimes you just gotta encourage yourself no matter what the circumstance imma be alright

[:: CHORUS ::]

I'm alright, I'm going through but imma make it to the otha side of yall,
I'm okay I might bend under the pressure but im not gone break I got faith imma keep on believing and dreamin i can do anything ohhh I'm alright,
and im gone make it

(Vs. 1) Sometimes in my life it gets hard then fall apart the pressure and the stress frustrating nothings going the way yeaah
somedays it gets hard to bear but i can't stop gotta get there when it starts to get a little heavy I encourage myself and say

[:: CHORUS ::]

(Vs. 2) Lately it's been crazy been through hell and back but i made it and I know theres a blessing on the other side of every trial and I know he made me strong for a reason and i know that it must be my season so anytime that it gets a little rough I encourage myself and say..

[:: CHORUS ::]

[:: BRIDGE ::]

They won't break me this time, imma make it this time
(imma make it this time) Imma believer
my time is right now i'm ready right now
(I'm ready right now) I'm a believer I'm closer then ever, stronger then ever
(I'm a believer) and im gone be alright
(I'm gone be alright) said I'm gone be alright.

(Repeat chorus 3x)

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