1. "I'd Be Your Wife" Mary Lambert
  2. "Thank God I'm A Cowboy" Doug Bruce
  3. "Daddy Dance With Me" Krystal Keith
  4. "Lovin' All Night Long" David Langston
  5. "Boys 'round Here" Blake Shelton
  6. "Goodbye Town" Lady Antebellum
  7. "I Want Crazy" Hunter Hayes
  8. "I'm Just A Squirrel, Trying To Get A Nut" Coco D Nut
  9. "Round Here" Florida Georgia Line
  10. "True Love" Kyle Park
  11. "A Soldier’s Memoir" Joe Bachman
  12. "Country Fried" Demun Jones
  13. "Old Army Hat" Bill Anderson
  14. "The Muddy Muddy" Demun Jones
  15. "Fast" Joy Styles
  16. "I Know What You Did Last Night" Pam Tillis & Lorrie Morgan
  17. "What Are You Listening To" Chris Stapleton
  18. "Rodeo" Lenny Cooper
  19. "Thank A Farmer" James Wesley
  20. "Hayride" Hicks
  21. "Redneck Paradise (Remix)" Kid Rock
  22. "Fishing For Something" Rachele Lynae
  23. "So Damn Beautiful" Chris Weaver Band
  24. "Goodnight Kiss" Randy Houser
  25. "You Sound Good To Me" Lucy Hale
  26. "Doin' What She Likes" Blake Shelton
  27. "Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About" Thompson Square
  28. "Feels Good To Me" Ross Coppley
  29. "The Outsiders" Eric Church
  30. "Joy To The World" Jt Hodges
  31. "Shut Up And Hold On" Toby Keith
  32. "Whiskey In My Water" Tyler Farr
  33. "Hey Girl" Billy Currington
  34. "Crash My Party" Luke Bryan
  35. "Beachin’" Jake Owen
  36. "Drinks After Work" Toby Keith
  37. "Up All Night" Jon Pardi
  38. "Get Me Some Of That" Thomas Rhett
  39. "Let Me Know That You're Mine" Mark Bray
  40. "Love Is Alive" Phil Vassar
  41. "Crushin’" Bush Hawg
  42. "Lemon & Lime" Brooklyn Roebuck
  43. "Blowin' Smoke" Kacey Musgraves
  44. "Half Broke Horses" Jaida Dreyer
  45. "It Goes Like This" Thomas Rhett
  46. "Chase A Little Love" Locash Cowboys
  47. "Everything Tonight" Elizabeth Lyons
  48. "Novocaine" Baylou
  49. "We Were Us" Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert
  50. "Girls Are Crazy" Joanna Smith
  51. "Kentucky Dirty" Laura Bell Bundy
  52. "Southern Belle" Zach Dubois
  53. "Sexy Swag" Gabry Ponte
  54. "Drunk Last Night" Eli Young Band
  55. "You And Me" Sara Watkins
  56. "Bottoms Up" Brantley Gilbert
  57. "Whiskey Baby" Casey Donahew Band
  58. "Easy" Sheryl Crow
  59. "Little Bit Of Everything" Keith Urban
  60. "Redneck Crazy" Tyler Farr
  61. "Sober" Little Big Town
  62. "Power Of A Love Song" Tate Stevens
  63. "Drink To That All Night" Jerrod Niemann
  64. "Cruise (Remix)" Florida Georgia Line
  65. "Stronger (Than You Seem)" Jetset Getset
  66. "Overrated" Lauren Wheatley
  67. "Sweet Memories" Lynn Anderson
  68. "Back In The Day" Jessta James
  69. "Beat This Summer" Brad Paisley
  70. "Smile That Smile" Weston Burt
  71. "You Ain't Ready For Me" Jordan Anderson
  72. "Christmas With You" Whitney Duncan
  73. "Pretty Little Lie" Blackberry Smoke
  74. "Loser" Stephanie Grace
  75. "Which One Of You Boys" Angela Hesse
  76. "If I Want To" Jasmine Rae
  77. "Dreams And Gasoline" Rob Baird
  78. "Summertime Girl" Aaron Watson
  79. "When The Lights Go Out" Mark Chesnutt
  80. "Compass" Lady Antebellum
  81. "James Dean" Chelsea Bain
  82. "Young Love" Kip Moore
  83. "Chillin' It" Cole Swindell
  84. "Little Umbrellas" Sarah Darling
  85. "Baby I Try For You" Tim Sweeney
  86. "Folsom Prison Blues" Angel Mary And The Tennessee Werewolves
  87. "Christmas On My Mind" Sherry Lynn
  88. "Holler If You Hear Me" Tate Stevens
  89. "Sound Of A Woman Sayin' Goodbye" Denae Gardner
  90. "Even The Stars Fall For You" Keith Urban
  91. "You Can Leave" Lexi Larsen
  92. "Makin' This Boy Go Crazy" Dylan Scott
  93. "Blow These Speakers Out" Mitch Goudy
  94. "Lies I Told Myself" Ty Herndon
  95. "Raise The Dead" Chris Weaver Band
  96. "Roll On Mississippi" Neal Mccoy
  97. "Callin' Me When I'm Lonely" Sheryl Crow
  98. "Crazy All Over Me" New Black 7
  99. "Dancin' Round The Fire" Alexandra Lee
  100. "Hey Bully" Morgan Frazier