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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2011)

Makin your way in the world today, takes everything you got
Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot
Wouldn't you like to get away,

[:: CHORUS ::]
Sometimes I wanna go where everybody sells cocaine, the bit**es selling coke
And the bit**es don't be dames, them bit**es smoking dope
I wanna go where you can smoke for free
ni**as get drunk and insane, so true
I wanna go where everybody sells cocaine
Everybody everybody selling coke boy
Everybody everybody selling coke boy
Everybody everybody selling coke boy

Everybody everybody growing up it was broke until we got
Introduced into coke bought some jewelry and some jordans and boy that was all she wrote
We started off on the block selling rocks dodgin cops
All your killer with the clock Dayton Ave was the spot
And we lived and we died by the words that we spoke
So we knew not to speak if they caught us selling dope
My connects... drugs
And the ...they shot boy, they went numbers out his club
they started me off with a key, bring me back 18 3
And if you cookin and don't come back I'll give the sh*t to you free
I flip that brick, make my money back I'm enjoying my run
A millionaire in the makin by the age of 21
About to buy my sister a salon
Buy my mama a house, buy my brothers new whips and move them both deep in the south
but the feds are at my door for distribution of blow
And now you know why

[:: CHORUS ::]
Cocaine, motherF**king dope game, why the f**k I wanna be life in the fast lane
In the hood with no motherF**king coppas
bang that music, ain't nobody trying to stop us
Selling crack like it's motherF**king legal
Smoke that weed with my motherF**king people
Sees bit**es f**king everybody when they get drunk
Hey throw your pu**y in the air so we can get crunk
I never smoke for free too much of f**king g
I get drunk and go insane like a killer bee
I wanna take your to a place where there ain't racists
Cocaine .residue still on their faces
On the tip of their nose, on the tip of their toes
On the tip of the f**k the bit**es everybody froze
I heard about it, now be about it just for show
I never be ... but I'm go

[:: CHORUS ::]

Hey it's feelin cocaine no more and I won't change
Peruvian professor they brought me to talk the dope game
Sink clogged up ni**as waiting on the drain
Can't feel my face I think I blew out my brains
Head shots, head shots, i reside in bedrock
I'ma run it down even if I get my leg shot
Kush got me paranoid, I thought I heard the feds come
Pitching for the coke backyard full of dead cops
I got a white girl, she like that white girl
Sick, bring a bucket and a booth cause I might earl
Ku Klux I would prefer to live in a white world
you might be, you might be...but know I ain't prjudice
Hate pu**y ni**as but I'm f**king with the Mexicans
eight inches of snow I'm on the sidewalk shovelin
I wanna go where everybody trafficking and peddlin'
The mafia is black and big meats is the president


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