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Genre/Lang. : Christian (2011)

How did the eyes
I see paint and a smile can't disguise
For all the the eyes
Your faint love is pain
And I can be me
You can reap you apart at the scene
Find a .. crash on your dreams
It seem so unfair.

Has no one ever told you
There's a love stronger than fear
And you'll find a hope
That I'll help you forget on years
So be strong, be strong
Don't be the scurries just keep it ..
Be strong, be strong
There's .. weakness in laugh you go on
Be strong.

And down on the road
You've been lonely but never alone
Your savior's been there all alone
Just reach out the hand.

You'll find a rescue
never love stronger than fear
So when do your heart is broken at ill
So be strong, be strong.

3 x
Don't be discouraged just keep ..
be strong, be strong
This ... home
be strong, be strong.
So be strong, be strong.

Be strong, be strong
Be strong

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