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Genre/Lang. : Reggae (2012)

Yea man, Kingston City Dawg
I can only speak about it
but in reality yuh affi live tru it & face it fi undastand
Ghetto yute tribulation.
Wan tell ya bout da sumin deh
One pants, one shoes,watch ya head back
Ya own a fren dem waan bite off ya head back,wicked!
Days ah hungry,no clothes on ya back,ya affi hustle
Every mickel mek a muckle
So big up to all who know bout real ghetto life
Big up every ghetto yute,every ghetto girl
Ya stand strong, turn inna independent woman an a real man.
The fittest ah da fittest survive
The weak shall perish
Yo, wen we ah do road, we do road d'illest
Ya see it, so wen ya touch inna d street
Know seh you n ya dawgs roll out an ya know say yaow
Anyting ah anyting!
Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!
Kingston Streets!

Hehe,The last one did Shot duh!Yes Man
Watch ah now
Dem cyaan box nuh food from mi plate
Mi cook mi own a dinna
Bwoy seh dem a big artist
Cyyaa not aford a bimma
Wah dem ah do,Who dem a style
Youtube, check di file
25 million views,that mean mi mouth popular

25 million view, that mean mi mouth popular
Tell dem seh talk is cheap
So we nah hardly speak
When we a walk di street
Dem a seh Marco dweet
No mek mi mek forensic white chalk di street
Yaww,dem theif mi style an nah ask mi fi it
Mi bad pon di riddim and off di beat
Choppa sweep dem off dem feet
Mi hear behind me back,some boy a beat off dem beak
But mi ah tell dem but mi eye nah see heart no lips
none ah dem nah bad,dem love call police
Dem start di war an a bawl fi peace
Big up Marvoli straight to Cassave Piece
An all ah di dawgs weh gone we buss offa a piece
Badda dan we,dem cyaan find
Dem seh dem bad,only bad inna dem mind
Yeah, ah weh dem deh wen wi a trod a night time
So tell a boy wi nah left di shine shine
Dem nuh good a road, good a road
some boy name nuh good a road, nuh good a road
An If a respect fi some boy step inna did streets
Dem wudna do nuh road, nuh do no road

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