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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2012)

This a Tennesse, Alabama, Atlanta connection homeboy

[Verse 1 : Doe B]
Let me find out these ni**as still hating on the low
And their whole life savings I get paid for a show
Their re-up, that's my walk-through
My sneakers, there they house note
Think I need a whole thang of Keisha just to talk to 'em
Small town, big money, baby I make boss moves
They say Doe B lane is like T-Pain without the autotune
Bring out the Apollo boom
I'mma sandman these ni**as
Give you 2 thumbs down
Boy, your swag ain't official
Let me find out them fake Guccis
Let me find out them fake Louis
Let me find out your baby mama is a man-eater, she ate my children
Let me find out you fake juug and I come through like : Aye buddy
You 25, just started trapping
Let me find out you straight rookie
Taylor Gang, straight trippy
Hustle Gang what it is, pimping ?
Got so many white friends I bring back Tommy Hilfiger
ATL, let me find out
Memphis Ten', let me find out
M.I.A., N-Y-C, Texas, Cali, Chi-Town

[Hook x2]
Let me find out
Let me find out
Ni**a let me find out
Let me find

[Verse 2 : T.I.]
Let me find out & I'm ridin' out
Got 4 choppers no 9's out
I'm recent, you're timed out
I'm playin' with it, you fouled out
You got a foul mouth ? You'll get 2 shots
Ni**a And1 with my handgun
Ni**a talk about dough but that's sumthing you ain't never had your hands on
Got folk in Alabama, they still call Arm & Hammer
See I do it for the
Gutter, not just to get the glamour
Hey who that ni**a from Atlanta say he got a lot of drugs ?
Say you looking
For a plug, b***h you looking at the plug
I'mma, real young ni**a
You want this ho, better come get her
We don't want your b***h mane
We just wanna have fun with her
Okay well let me find out you channeled it
Ridin' around town just saving hoes
Ni**a she ain't all yours, we shared the bi**h
But let me find out
She havin' your baby though


[Verse 3 : Juicy J]
Let me find out, Juicy J's your girl's favorite rapper
I'mma f**k her all night and I'mma give her back after
I ain't hand cuffing these hoes like shackles
For the green & the cheese like a Green Bay packer
Trippy Mane : f**k you pay me, I come play like Tom Brady
Kush is my medication, ride presidential like Ronald Reagan
Pu**y ni**as need to stop hating my flow sick like cancer patients
Rolex and a new Bugatti, yes b***h I'm ice skating
My last b***h must've been a chauffeur, she drove me crazy
No key, that space age, my ignition, I done made it
Juicy J, that's trippy ho, Taylor Gang that's trippy ho
Smoking on that Christmas tree my belt buckle like mistletoe
Who stands with your wife ? She just spent the night
With my d*ck in her mouth & my balls in her hand
Like the b***h was shooting dice
Juicy J, I got long money
I got 1998 song money
Bi**h pour that Patron for me
I rock shows, boy I'm stone money


[:: OUTRO ::]

Let me find out you put Molly all in her champagne and she don't even know it

Let me find out Juicy J got stabbed in a shootout
Let me find out Tip still ridin' 'round with guns
I'mma whoop his motherF**kin' ass

Let me find out you went to the club and left your kids with your other kids
In the car
Let me find out bi**h

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