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Genre/Lang. : Pop/Rock (2012)

Multicolored faces, red hands and blue hands
drasp at the shapes in his mind
Black birds and blue birds are resting on his shoulders
wainting for their moment to fly
Multicolored feathers against the sky

Silver shadows spread over the landscape
draped over the background as a vail
and whe are getting drunk while we look into the sunrise
singing song of men who had it al but died in jail



We keep our head up high and voices strong
you tought me how to be Keen of mind and clever
the ways of the world where i belong

we got lost in the middle of the desert
we prayed for a little luck and came out smiling
we looked up above, saw the black and blue birds flying
their colors angainst the sky,

and i know one day they'll die,
as i know one day you'll die ,
cause even multicolcored angels die,



we keep our head up high

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