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Genre/Lang. : Country (2012)

The rickety front porch, planks are creaking
But the hound dor by the door keeps sleaping
Old men stare when you walk in
And behind the counter stands Big Jim
He's 5 feet tall and a little change
Telling stories with a grin on his face

It smells like country ham and cheese
Pipe tobacco and kerosene
There's a pot belly stove and checkers by the dooor
It's a dying breed the country store

Theres homemade fudge, RC and moon pies
Fishing luresn, guns and knives
Camo gear and turkey calls
Carhartt coats and overalls
It's a whole lot different then the new quick shack
Cause when you leave they say “ya”ll come back

If you're ever aroud these parts , stop in
Cause if you do your gona wana come back again

There's a radio station playin' country
And on Saturday night they listen to Opry
Tapping to fiddles on a hard wood floor
It's a dting breed that country stror
Man I love that country store

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