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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2011) (Feat. Rocko)

Watch this watch how it dance
Watch it light up and gliss
Watch this jr shine
Watch it winking and kiss
Watch the movie lil homie i see you watching this shi*
Watch i walk in the club watch how crazy it get
Watch this x8
See you standing there just watching ima give you some to look at
You standing there just watching ima give you some to look

[:: VERSE ::]
Standing there just watching
I am gonna give you something to look at
All these damn diamond mothe F**ker look at
Keep that sh*t a milly

Got them true religion billy pop so many taire
My dog caught it 30 and he say he's gone appeal it
I am going through these racks like a fan on a ceiling
She got that stupid brain but my heart ain't got no feeling
Im iced out forreal dog pouring up tripping
Im slowing up my motion like my diamond...
My ni**as rolling strong we motherF**king hippies
I got a hundred thousand soldiers i ain't slipping
I can wear my ice anywhere without no super vision


[:: VERSE ::]
Ima cold hearted criminal everythang flashy
Young rich ni**a all my hoes get nasty
Booty shaking bit**es love a ni**a whipping tastic
See the money coming ima flip it like gymnastic
10 band jews that aint even worthmy glasses
Mascoto and patron platium dumping out the ashton
Strong like asprin
Designer are my fashion
F**k yo babymama like kourtney kardashian
Scotty call my phone i be picking up laughing
Saks fifth shopping true story ian braggin
I like to thank my jewler for all these bad bit**es im bagging
Check like mine no talk straight smashing


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