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Genre/Lang. : Pop/Rock (2013)

I caught you looking over your shoulder
Said you didn’t care for me...
I’d rather be dead than be with you
I’d rather be dead than be with you
..you are the sky..
I rather be dead than be with you
I rather be dead than staying here.

The first single taken from the forthcoming album "Later...When The TV Turns To Static"

Written and Directed by James Allan
Second Director and Producer: Rob Hackett
Director of Photography: David Lee
Gaffer: Iain Forsyth
Production Assistant: Sophie Lyell
Projectionist: Ryan McHenry
Camera Assistant: Neil Hartop
Make-up Artist: Nicola Muldoon
Editor: Jonah Maddox
Grade: Rob Grainger
Commissioner and PM: Faye H Purcell
Dean Cunning - Sail Boat Technician
Denise Allan - Arctic Chill
Danny North - Curry Connoisseur

© 2013 - Go Wow Records Ltd. All Rights Reserved

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