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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2012)


[Hook: x2]
I'm going straight to the bank with this one
I don't care what nobody thinks with this one (Real Talk)
Ain't nobody f**king with this one
Because I got my Jays on, Jays on, on another level

[Verse 1: J.Reu]
Hop up out the chevy no rims no nothing
When it comes to the tracks I win no running
I leave your girl cumming, wetter than a faucet
Never been gay I ain't got no closet
Safety deposit, Key with the little door
Your girl is my hoe, Your wife is a little whore
More girls than VH1
I got a Hemi but I'm healthy like a V8 son
I'm ballin' premature like Lebron
Blowing up like a terrorist I'm the bomb
Wait I'm Sadom, No, I'm Osama
I am the party like DJ Trauma
Ambulance Vroom Vroom I'm so illy
I see you but still there's no deal-y
Deal or no Deal, I'll still lyrically kill
Money on the table, I like fancy Meals (Mills)

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: J.Reu]
Hello He's back like a serial
Killer where's the milk for my cherrios
Here we go, back and forth like ping pong
Walk in side the club and they gave me a theme song
I'm so right like a left wrong turn
That baby don't look like me shawty got the wrong sperm
Hey when will you learn, just because you gave me brain
I am not Barack Obama so stop expecting change
Yeah Cause I don't pay bills
No silicone I like my girls real
Pill popping animal, Syrup sipping ni**a
Patron got me faded I ball like the clippers
She playing with my zipper got my d*ck wetter than flipper
I'm gone off patron but still I'll never lick her
I hit her, quit her, on to the next
Now she on twitter, like who he gone tweet next

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: J.Reu]
Yeah, on another level, bass clef no treble
No G to gent cause I'm a muhF**kin rebel
I'm real, ya'll on that Milli Vanilli mood
I'm hot earths core that's my longitude latitude
No attitude just swagger
Well she had a dude but I bagged her
Toe tagged her, like a crime scene
No lie I'm the truth in my religion jeans
Yeah My ni**a's clean, Me and My ni**a's be
Rappers nightmares Dog we living dreams
We living nice, good life no Kanye
I'm a Big Boi but still a OutKast like Andre'
3000 you mad cause I'm styling
We ball you a hater so you fouling
I'm wild-n no Nick Cannon I'm sick of talking like a break up I'm gone

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