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Genre/Lang. : Country (2011)

Jon Wolfe/Britton Cameron

I didn't think I'd ever see you back here in these parts
Did all them big city boys up and break your heart
If you need a shoulder you ain't gotta look too far
Don't you worry I'm right here

I might be talking crazy might be out of my league
But a sweet simple slow dance is what you need
I gotta a feelin' baby I could sweep you off your feet
Before you cry another tear

[:: CHORUS ::]
Won't you let a country boy love you
With a love that's strong and sure
Won't you let a country boy love you
Love you like you deserve

I got a sixty seven Chevy with three on the tree
It's just an old rust bucket get's me A to B
But it's got a bench seat so you can slide up next to me
And I can hold you nice and close

I know a secret little spot that ain't too far
Down by the river past my uncle's farm
Where I can steal a kiss underneath the Texas stars
With Conway on the radio

[:: CHORUS ::]

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