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Kcee - Limpopo

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Genre/Lang. : World (2013)

Oh (resounding)X4

[:: CHORUS ::]

Baby please give it to me(tonight x2)
Am going crazy(tonight x2)
Oh,let me be your maga,(your maga),i want to be your maga,your lover(2*)

Tell me what you want,oh ,oh,oh
i just wanna know your need
ye,cos the way you de touch the body,
i like the way you dey do the body,
make me wan to dey gum the body(gum the body)


Oya limpopo
baby make we go limpopo X2
Cos u know de koko
so make we go limpopo
Oh yeah,tonight.

[:: CHORUS ::]

There is some thing about this your body
wey make me dey jolly
when i see you my baby,
i just like to happy,
oh oh oh my baby you dey sweet me
oh oh,my baby tonight


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Send "Limpopo" Ringtone to your Cell

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