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Genre/Lang. : Country (2012)

Got a week's worth of dirt on my collar
Done cashed my check, got a couple hundred dollars
Burnin' a hole in my blue jeans

I wanna go somewhere where the music's loud
Wanna rub elbows with the party crowd
Buy 'em a round, and make a toast, to folks just like me

[:: CHORUS ::]
Here's to the girls all prettied up
Them good ol' boys tryin' to pick 'em up
Love makin', beneath the big ol' moon
Here's to the beer that's gonna get drunk
Dirt roads, guitars, and pickups
Friday nights, and actin' the fool
Yeah, here's to everybody keepin' it country
Here's to me and you

Let's raise a glass to all the hillbillies
Cowboys, rednecks, and long-haired hippies
Ol' grandpas, rockin' on the front porch swing

I wanna tip my hat to the farmin' man
Who stays half-broke and still breaks the land
And Uncle Sam, and all the soldiers, fightin' for you and me

(Repeat chorus)

Livin' like there's no tomorrow
Never lookin' back on yesterday
We got good friends, good times, that's all we need anyway

(Repeat chorus)

Yeah, here's to me and you

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