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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2014)
(Feat. Elle Varner & Machine Gun Kelly)

[Hook: Elle Varner]
I never waited on a miracle
There ain’t no miracles round here
There ain’t no miracles...
I’m not afraid of the impossible
There ain’t impossible round here
There ain’t impossible, no

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
I ain't afraid, knowin’ shi*’s gotta change
One day it’ll never be the same
Just look into my heart you can see the grind
Look into my eyes you can see the pain
Painted a perfect picture where I came from
Some nights when I thought I wouldn’t see the sun
Son raised, though daddy wasn’t home, word
Hard tryna hold it down like a short skirt
Skurr off from these Ni**as tryna hold me back
I will not lose, Hov told me that
Dreaming bout a moment that’ll change my life
I don’t never wanna wake up, turn off the lights
Gotta let it burn, I’ve been ready to ignite
I said nothing’s impossible
See me runnin through the city, no obstacles
No option two, one way to go


[Verse 2: Kid Ink]
I ain’t afraid, it’s nothing more I gotta say
To them haters middle finger, up to yo face
Facing so many problems, hate being tested
From a place where they waiting to see me arrested
No rest, tryna make it where I wanna go
Alumni but I couldn’t make the honor roll
Too cool for school, I’m too rude with you
There’s no rules in the life we choose
I gotta ride for something, gotta die for something
Say you only live once, we’ll I keep it 100
Mo money, mo problems keep on coming
Tryin, a Ni**a go back but these Ni**as keep frontin
Right now everything going right, it could f**k up tonight though
Said nothing’s impossible
See me runnin through the city, no obstacles
No option two, one way to go


[Verse 3: Machine Gun Kelly]
I ain’t afraid, I’m already dead
I just don’t know when we goin
It’s crazy how the devil gets us when we heaven-sent
My hands already red, I lost so many men
Heavy is the head that bares the crown that I’m wearin man
I was a loser just tryna fit and I let em in
But those were school days, I grew up, now I’m on Letterman
I never thought that a song I wrote in a minivan
Would ever have the impact I’m reading inside these letters man
Dear Kells I heard yo story and felt it man
Your voice inspires, I feel like I can do anything
By the way, I sent you something from my brother
Open it up, a razor felt, it was a cutter, damn!
What if you were me, in 2003?
Rap was just a dream black jeans, burning blank CD’s, feed em to the streets
Would you let adversity as you are, come for money
Guys you all realize everything you need’s inside you

[Hook x2]

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