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Genre/Lang. : Reggae (2013)

Mi pickney naw go bwal seh daddy mi hungry
Tear out di road from town to country
Every youth seh a money wi a go fa
Strength inna mi back so mi mother cyaa suffer

[:: CHORUS ::]
Wi seh, wi a hustle, wi a hustle, wi a hustle Sherlock
Wi a hustle, wi a hustle, wi a hustle
Wi a hustle riverton, wi a hustle, juise land
Wi a hustle way go, wi a hustle mi seh

Wi hustle, wi a hustle, wi a hustle, portmore
Wi a hustle, wi a hustle, wi a hustle, spanish town
Wi a hustle, jungle, wi a hustle, down kerk
Wi a hustle south side, wi a hustle

[:: VERSE 1 ::]
The street a seh cigarette, phone card
Money naw come look fi yuh inna yo yard
Go down a town go look two pat
POn di block yuih go drop a cook shop
Every youth have a goal and a plan
Better than than fi a beg a man
Quire thing, if yuh no win a still hustling

(Repeat Chorus with the different places)

[:: VERSE 2 ::]
So mi rise early, come in late
Sexy queen size bed a beg fi a date
Mi a do road, co board, pat, challice haffi load
Book fi buy, school fee fi pay
Mi meditation never ever stray
Work before mi old and grey
So all if a play station mi no play

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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