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Lo-Fang - Look Away

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Genre/Lang. : Pop (2013)

[Verse 1]
Two eyes staring back at me
From a magazine in my room
Cut out paper tragedies
Paper tragedies that I glue
So what is a memory
If it only feels black and blue?
Creating a fantasy
Something I can dream
That is true

I will only look away
If you say
If you say

[Verse 2]
I don't see it
Another message left for me in code
I never figured out how to
Unfold your paper crane origami agony
I ripped the edged
It gave me pleasure
Figuring it out
Each question in a shroud
It was forever, wasn't forever


[:: BRIDGE ::]
Now when I close my eyes I see how much I've lost
From scratching a memory 'til all the colors off
Revealing a jagged line til they're in black and white
When I close my eyes
If I close my eyes
But I can't laugh about it yet
It's all too soon
The things we used to joke about have all come true
I had to slowly back away

I will never look away
If you say

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Send "Look Away" Ringtone to your Cell

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