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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2012) (Feat. Dusty Roze)

We all want them flashing lights,


I'm never sumblein up on em,
ni**as half and half
like they name is arnold palmer,
never sat the bench,
Like i was on the field startin,
flow slow, needing special classes they retarted,
They try to put my in a box
But they'll never stop me
interrupt you ni**as
like f**k it man i'm talking
keep sleeping imma lay you in that f**kin deep coffin,
you could never fit these j's i just call it moon walkin
Whoop...( Echo)

fresher then i ever beennnn,

bad b***h and she tryna
bring a friend
red bottoms like she walking in the devils den,
girl you not an angel hella fine i know we bout to sin

so lord have mercy,
cuz mercy's on fire
show some mercy don't hurt me,

wake up real early
getting sofered to my PJs
toss it to the DJ
run it back like a replay

[Dusty Roze Verse]

I tore the ceiling off
Meeting my liaison...
In my lazy boy
Boy ya better carry on...
First class
Flight long pair E on...
In my Marc Jacob jeans
And a cardigan...
You could never get enough of it
Coped a two door call it for tha fk of it
Different time piece just to keep up with the relevance...
Like the president
5 piece did up call her Marilyn
Overdose on confidence
Now we on that swagger s**t
Walking with a coo limp
On my GQ tip
Fast cars and bad brauds
Pockets full of hundreds
Got her running like tha NAS cars

Porches and ferraris
B****es riding Harley's
Stopped traffic burning rubber
Damn we going narley
Smoking bob marley til our high come

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