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Genre/Lang. : Pop/Rock (2005)

(With Tarja Turunen)

I'm sitting here alone
what else could I have done?
Can't regret cause I don't even know
what I did wrong
freedom died with you
I'm searching for myself
will I feel alive, what about me?

[:: CHORUS ::]
Leaving you for me (what about us?)
try to understand
that I'm only leaving you for me (are you trying to hurt me?)
demons in my head- they won't let go

hiding from the truth
I'm drifting from my thoughts
can't let go, exploring every corner of my mind
life has to go on
I'll still find my way
I wanna feel alive, what about us?

[:: CHORUS ::]

I've locked the door
deep inside, different memories
sittin here alone, so what else can I do?
don't regret cause I don't even know
where it went wrong
freedom died with you
what about you, what about life?

[:: CHORUS ::]

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