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Mary Mary - Yesterday

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Genre/Lang. : Christian (2005)

i had enough heartaches and enough headaches
i had so may ups and downs dont know how much more i can take (um)
see i decided that i cried my last tear yesterday
either im gonna trust you or i may as well walk away
cause stressin dont make it better,dont make it better no way
see i decided ooohhh that i cried my last tear yesterday

yesterday (yesterday),yesterday (yesterday)
i decided to put my trust in you (oohh oohh) yesterday (yesterday) yeterday (yesterday)
i realized dat you would bring me through

there aint nothing to hard for my god nooo
any problems that i have
he's greater than them all soo
i decided that i creid my last tear yesterday

  Lyrics Submission Latest submission by rodneisha murphy

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