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Genre/Lang. : Dance (2012)

Is that a party crash?
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Let's have a party crash
Let's go!
Is that a party crash?
We make the night bash
I want the Feeler's and
The ladies make a big mash
Let's go!
I want to say: hallo
To you and say:
We are here
To make the Party Crash
I wanna seems a party crash like boom,
So party people let's shake this room
DJ turn ut up, turn it up, turn it up, turn it up
Till we touch the moon
Ladie's go crazy, too
Stander's let's smash the roof, roof, roof, roof
Breake the party crsash biatch
Yeah, party don't stop
Crash now all I wanna do id just drink, drink, drink
Till I'm drunk, drunk, drunk
Can I'm past stop?
Wake up with a bottle in my bed
Give me some head and they kik your a** stop
Cause the night is the night
Like every night
Yeah, we go we looking so blast stop
Cause tomorrow we know we go
We don't do it again
But tonight we are reeding the Jackpot
Cause we loco and we are crazy baby,
International when I loco baby
This go creed and pounch you cool,
It's on a craziest track with Looney Toones

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