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Genre/Lang. : Rock/Metal (2013)

Is a little bit of honesty too much to ask for
After all we said the day we got together?
How could I be so stupid to let you in?
Loving you is killing me.

You put me through the worst time
And I'm supposed to be fine
With the thoughts of you all over him.
I hope you're going to miss me
'Cause the thoughts of you will haunt me
Every night, from now until the end.

Where do we go from here my friend?
I'm not ready to say goodbye,
But if you hurt me again like this
I'm not sure how I'd survive.
So how can we ever get through this?
It's easy for you to say "It's okay".
I feel it in my chest.
I think I'd be better off without you.

Every memory is damaged.
I no longer believe a word you say.
That's because you had it your way.
You've only got yourself to blame.
You let yourself down.
Becoming everything that I hate.

Loving you is killing me.
The lies you told, now they haunt me.
You know I hate missing you
And I can't ever forgive you.
Girl you ripped out my heart and I know you know that's true.
Well baby you killed the spark the moment you let him touch you.
I'm better without you.

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