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Genre/Lang. : Dance (2012)

I reached a creative high
Still I'm scraping to get by
Maybe I'm misunderstood
Some might even say I'm just no that good

I celebrate with cheap wine, finished a masterpiece today
Now apart from a bit of self promotion, all I can do is pray
My glass is half full now and I paint my sky silver instead of grey
Even though I got one hell of a stack of bills I'm supposed to pay
Tried to blaze a creative trail when it seems no one else was trying it
Only problem was (and it's a pretty big one), no one was f***ing buying it
When you called yourself an artist you made your Tracey Emin bed now lie in it
As you try your best to sell what looks like a giant ice cube with a fly in it

Watching a video featuring a bunch of guys waving fist fulls of dollars
Opportunity has surely got to knock where misfortune always hollars
Don't worry I'm not staying at home wallowing in self pity
I just can't afford to go out tonight cos this is one expensive city
Maybe when the next bandwagon comes I should just jump on
Or I might end up as the self-styled genius with an audience of one
I could inject a bit of humour if I thought it would be funny
I am being true to myself but I need some f***ing money!

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