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Genre/Lang. : Christian (2010) (Feat. Paul Porter)

Verse 1
And I Will Trust In You With All Of My Heart,
Hey With All Of My Heart.
And I Wont Lean To My Own Understanding.
In All Of My Ways I'll Acknowledge You
Cause I Know That You'll Bring Me Through Yeah.

[:: CHORUS 1 ::]
You That I Trust Not My Wisdom,
Not My Knowledge
You That I Trust.

Verse 2
Tis' So Sweet To Trust In You,
No One but You
Your my Peace, When I'm So Confused, So Confused Yall
If I keep my mind stead on you
there ain't nothing you wouldn't do
You that I Trust.


[:: CHORUS 2 ::]
Not my reason,
not my judgment,
you that i trust.

Lord, I put my trust in you, You Know just what to Do

You that I trust

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