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Genre/Lang. : Country (2012)

(Verse 1)
Got a call from my cousin, come and get me right now
'Cause I done lost my woman, and I need a night out.
Said I can't burn it down 'cause I'm gettin' up early, I'm down for 1 round 'bout around 1:30.
I was sittin' at a Waffle House, I think I had grits, started hittin' on a waitress

[:: CHORUS ::]
Everything after that gets fuzzy; like a tv in a cheap motel
My head feels funny
I lost my keys, I lost my cell and all of my money.
Did I crash a party?
Have a run in with the law?
Take a swim in a fountain?
I don't know, 'cause its all kinda fuzzy..

[:: VERSE 2 ::]
There's a ring on my finger, there's a bra on the lamp.
Gotta get out of this hot tub, and try to find my pants.
Who the hell is Heather, and when we we together, 'cause I've got every letter of her name on my chest.
Think I've got a shiner, a cigarette burn, and nothin' in that bottle of tequila but the worm.

[:: CHORUS ::]
It's fuzzy; like static on the radio
My head feels funny
I lost my watch, I lost my clothes and all of my money.
Did I call my momma?
Try to break into the mall?
Did I even pay the cabbie?
I don't know, 'cause its all kinda fuzzy..

[:: VERSE 3 ::]
I remember how it started, after that its just a blur.
Is it a Sunday or a Monday?
Am I 'spost to be at work?

[:: CHORUS ::]
It's fuzzy; like a tennis ball on my tongue
My mouth feels funny
I'm blinded by the sun, but things ain't sunny.
Will the room stop spinnin'?
Will I find my car ?
On my way back home right now.
Its all fuzzy..

Oh it's fuzzy
It's fuzzy
Everything is fuzzy

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