1. "Money" Crash Mansion
  2. "My Release In Pain" Lacrimas Profundere
  3. "Give Me A Reason" Adam Gontier
  4. "Seventh Swamphony" Kalmah
  5. "Martyrs" Beyond All Recognition
  6. "Guilty Pleasures, Desperate Measures" Bella Muerte
  7. "Gettin' Outta Here" Dropbeat Heartbeat
  8. "Inception" Unguided
  9. "Joy" Canvas
  10. "When I Lost My Bet" Dillinger Escape Plan
  11. "The War Is On" Coldrain
  12. "Organic Silver" Dotzauer
  13. "Angel Eyes" New Years Day
  14. "True Heroes" Armourus
  15. "I The Blesse'd" Before Ciada
  16. "Obey The Beard" Psychostick
  17. "I Know" Down Monday
  18. "Regardless Of Destination" Expect Anything
  19. "Astronaut" Nerd School
  20. "Start A Clean Slate" Beta State
  21. "Jesus H. Macy" Dance Gavin Dance
  22. "F.R.E.A.K.S." As They Burn
  23. "With Me Now" Blacklite District
  24. "In Tongues" Dark Sermon
  25. "The Anger Of Exploited" Aseptic Ruins
  26. "Self Purgatory" Liferuiner
  27. "Leaving" Fight Or Flight
  28. "Call To Arms" Anthems Of Imperium
  29. "The Same Thing" Naked One
  30. "A Story To Tell" Woe Is Me
  31. "Let It Go" Lacey
  32. "Redeemer" Darkness Divided
  33. "The Common Hope" Lovegrenade
  34. "Bound For Glory" Black Star Riders
  35. "Callous Vessels" Districts
  36. "Nauseam" Heart Of A Coward
  37. "Phantoms & Shadows" Memory Of A Melody
  38. "Left Behind" Star Off Machine (Stofma)
  39. "The Ballad Of Ed Rex" Aurelia
  40. "Feel The Same" Candlelight Red
  41. "Counter Culture Complex" Ken Mode
  42. "I Am I (Demon Of Dispersion)" Empirine
  43. "The Balance Is Broken" Dawn Of The Maya
  44. "Mexico" Stars Away From Home
  45. "For Your Vulgar Delectation" Cradle Of Filth
  46. "Desolate: Ascension" Death Comes Home
  47. "Jagerbomb" Crossfaith
  48. "Exasperated" Aliases
  49. "What We've Become" Skarlett Riot
  50. "Home Is Where The Sty Is" Poisonblack
  51. "Stardust" Gemini Syndrome
  52. "Machine" Born Of Osiris
  53. "Let You Go" Phosphene
  54. "A Poet's Gift" Break The Cycle
  55. "Door Into Summer" Joe Satriani
  56. "Free Within" Sapiency
  57. "Blindsighted" Damnation Plan
  58. "Dreams" Starsohstars
  59. "Nightlife" Off With Their Heads
  60. "Clear Eyes Full Hearts" Dreaded Downfall
  61. "Murdercycle" Demons Of Old Metal
  62. "Texas Blood Money" Upon A Burning Body
  63. "Setting Darkness On Fire" At Fates Mercy
  64. "Fake People" Brace Yourself
  65. "I Am Hate" Buried In Verona
  66. "7 Days" Ashes From Affair
  67. "At Every Door" Hanging Garden
  68. "Jaded" Saviour
  69. "Arachnophobia" Hot Dog
  70. "Bright//Side" Finders
  71. "Murder Of Crows" Once We Were Dreamers
  72. "As I Drown" Defiled
  73. "Pelt" Brassick
  74. "Close My Eyes Forever" Device
  75. "Choke" Kathy Santoni
  76. "God Is Dead?" Black Sabbath
  77. "Letters" Chelsea Grin
  78. "Ultranumb" Blue Stahli
  79. "Idle Hands" Continents
  80. "The Shine" Dave Hause
  81. "Unconscious" Devastator
  82. "Break The Cycle" Legend
  83. "Hello Unfaithful" Their Decay
  84. "Leather Feather" Torche
  85. "Coffin Eyes" Tear Out The Heart
  86. "Consider Your Words (Promises)" Black! For Remembrance
  87. "By Venom Entitled" Soreption
  88. "Watcher" Diabolical Surfer Dude
  89. "Inglorious" Kerbera
  90. "Can't Get Enough" Midnight Empire
  91. "Unspoken" Kylesa
  92. "Bloodline 2k13" Slayer & Revmatix
  93. "Outcast" Sighting Fault
  94. "The Way We Were" Silent Screams
  95. "Despierto" Hidra
  96. "Hoax The System" Corrections House
  97. "Leaders Of The Night" Device
  98. "The Lights Went Out" Stars And Flights
  99. "Holmes" A Hero At Heart
  100. "Welcome To The Show" Through Arteries