1. "Just Move On" Margate
  2. "An Eagle For A Fish" We Came From Wolves
  3. "Paradise Falls" Yesiswear
  4. "Colder Than Ever" Warhound
  5. "Here We Stand" Keema
  6. "Left Alone" After The Nightfall
  7. "Seventh Swamphony" Kalmah
  8. "My Release In Pain" Lacrimas Profundere
  9. "When I Lost My Bet" Dillinger Escape Plan
  10. "The Meadow Is Burning" Sparrow Falls
  11. "Organic Silver" Dotzauer
  12. "Don't Fall Into Snake Eyes" White Fox Society
  13. "Tell Me Now" Decedy
  14. "The Takedown" Girl On Fire
  15. "Emily" Watch Out Stampede!
  16. "Live For Something" Crash Mansion
  17. "Live By The Code" Terror
  18. "Martyrs" Beyond All Recognition
  19. "One Way Ticket" A Traitor Like Judas
  20. "Truth Untold" Black Tusk
  21. "Stardust" Gemini Syndrome
  22. "Equality" P.U.N.K.T.
  23. "The Old Men And The Scene" Light Your Anchor
  24. "Do Or Die" You Only Live Once
  25. "You Wear A Crown But You're No King" Blessthefall
  26. "Takedown (Xina Version)" Blue Stahli
  27. "Leather Feather" Torche
  28. "Lift Me Up" Five Finger Death Punch
  29. "Bite The Bullet" Harry Radford
  30. "Summertime" Dot Dash!
  31. "Zenith" Huntress
  32. "Venus" Fenisia
  33. "The Unpresentables" Repeating Pain
  34. "Thrift Shop" Like Vultures
  35. "Poisoning The Steps Of Babel" Dawn Of Ashes
  36. "The Outpour" When We Team Up
  37. "Unleash The Demons" Demons Of Old Metal
  38. "Preacher" Arizona
  39. "Nothing Left But Tears" Buckcherry
  40. "Flesh And Blood" For Today
  41. "Fallout" Queensryche
  42. "We Got The Power" Flying Bananas
  43. "The Pulse" Hunter Valentine
  44. "Holes" Avayou
  45. "Stone" Alice In Chains
  46. "We Are Ghosts" Six Reasons To Kill
  47. "Into The Night" Him
  48. "Waffles" Hogwash
  49. "Burn My Eyes" Dead In 5
  50. "Chupacabra" John Wolfhooker
  51. "Oxygen" Era 9
  52. "Surrender" Companion
  53. "Dealers Of Freedom" A Call To Sincerity
  54. "Burning Bridges" Blue Stahli
  55. "Angus Mcfife" Gloryhammer
  56. "F.O.A.D." Mortillery
  57. "Dark In The Eyes" Dogmate
  58. "Road To Nowhere" Find Me
  59. "Love The Way You Hate Me" Like A Storm
  60. "Exasperated" Aliases
  61. "We Chant Arythmically" Death Letters
  62. "How Much Do You Need?" Stiffy Jones
  63. "Bury Me Under" A Season Of Secrets
  64. "Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Wide Is The Gate" Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  65. "Sadie" Bunny The Bear
  66. "Dirty Dynamite" Krokus
  67. "Time Kills Us All" Prime Circle
  68. "Your Eyes Are Open (So Wake The Fuck Up)" Low Road
  69. "Your Disease" Palisades
  70. "Your Type Kills Mine" Static Plan
  71. "Strange Comfort" Color Morale
  72. "Gravesend" Stone Sour
  73. "Lights Out For Summer" Throw The Fight
  74. "Don't Throw It All Away" Immortal Memories
  75. "Obstacle Run" Grandexit
  76. "Came Back Haunted" Nine Inch Nails
  77. "Predestined" Pete Tross
  78. "Red City Lights" Torpedohead
  79. "Sound In My Head" Madison Affair
  80. "Hollow Heart" Aha, Deceit!
  81. "I Will" Sebadoh
  82. "Dirty Knees" Milestone
  83. "Harboring Skin" Improvidence
  84. "D" Restorations
  85. "Fury" Scornage
  86. "Sisters Of Sin" Guns Of Glory
  87. "Only Fools Get Caught" Booze And Glory
  88. "Enter The Night" Bombus
  89. "Never Back Down" F.O.O.S.
  90. "Colder" Smash Into Pieces
  91. "Home" A Story To Tell
  92. "Bring The Roof Down" Phoenix Calling
  93. "The Tallest Of Mountains" Acres Of Lions
  94. "I Believed" Ages Apart
  95. "No Beer" Prophecy23
  96. "Still Counting" Keepsafe
  97. "De(Ad)generation" End Of Green
  98. "The Wandering" Amongst Heroes
  99. "Seven Widows Weep" Sirenia
  100. "Time Machine" Winery Dogs