1. "Break Your Chains" Fankaz
  2. "Broken Glass" Make For Alaska
  3. "Χ Ξ Σ (666)" Rotting Christ
  4. "Martyrs" Beyond All Recognition
  5. "What Counts" A Traitor Like Judas
  6. "I Am Hate" Buried In Verona
  7. "Burn It Down" Mindset Evolution
  8. "Thrift Shop" Like Vultures
  9. "Fall And Stand" Light Your Anchor
  10. "Colder Than Ever" Warhound
  11. "Sleeping In Snow" Vitja
  12. "Organic Silver" Dotzauer
  13. "Hollow Planet" Aversions Crown
  14. "Live By The Code" Terror
  15. "It's No Lie" Honour Is Dead
  16. "The Beast Within" For I Am King
  17. "You Never Know" Scally Cap Brats
  18. "Feel The Same" Candlelight Red
  19. "Say Hello To The Undertaker" Winds Of Plague
  20. "Sound In My Head" Madison Affair
  21. "Only Fools Get Caught" Booze And Glory
  22. "Keep Your Eyes Peeled" Queens Of The Stone Age
  23. "Lift Me Up" Five Finger Death Punch
  24. "Open Road" Afterparty
  25. "Hazel The Apparition" Shreddy Krueger
  26. "Dead City Radio" Rob Zombie
  27. "The Takedown" Girl On Fire
  28. "Splintered" Buried In Verona
  29. "Play By Play" A Tragic Setback
  30. "Legion" Fear Of Domination
  31. "We Believe" Chasing Safety
  32. "Seven Widows Weep" Sirenia
  33. "Apex Predator" Otep
  34. "Phantoms & Shadows" Memory Of A Melody
  35. "F.O.A.D." Mortillery
  36. "Bitches Brew" Crosses
  37. "Don't Fall Into Snake Eyes" White Fox Society
  38. "Victim Of Ritual" Tarja
  39. "Night On Fire" Reckless Love
  40. "Right Now" Chelsea Grin
  41. "Evolution" Commander-In-Chief
  42. "Buried Conviction" Soon We Fall
  43. "Remnants" Darkness Divided
  44. "My Release In Pain" Lacrimas Profundere
  45. "Scars" Elegies
  46. "Move Bitch" Green River Burial
  47. "Stingray Affliction" Issues
  48. "Give & Take" Shoot The Girl First
  49. "Save Yourself" Van Eps
  50. "Hollow" 48hours
  51. "In Tongues" Dark Sermon
  52. "We Never Have Sex Anymore" Offspring
  53. "The Toughest Kids" Adept
  54. "Queen Of Hearts" Darlia
  55. "When I Lost My Bet" Dillinger Escape Plan
  56. "The Death Of Me" Asking Alexandria
  57. "Slave To The Empire" T&n
  58. "Jughead Jones" City Mouse
  59. "Bad Motherfucker" Biting Elbows
  60. "The Warrior's Code" Gloryful
  61. "Witness" Counterparts
  62. "Seventh Swamphony" Kalmah
  63. "The Nexus" Amaranthe
  64. "Romeo" What It's Worth
  65. "Polygon Of Eyes" Scorpion Child
  66. "New Colors" Islander
  67. "The Overcomer" A Body Divided
  68. "We Had It All" Raskins
  69. "With Me Now" Blacklite District
  70. "Loner" Eat The Gun
  71. "Swerve City" Deftones
  72. "We Are" Karnivool
  73. "Jagerbomb" Crossfaith
  74. "Time And Reason" Texas Local News
  75. "Vapid Souls" Facing The Oracle
  76. "Welcome To The Human Race" Sabrina Sabrok
  77. "Cycle Of Madness" Silent Rose
  78. "Terrorista" Rome
  79. "From Can To Can't" Corey Taylor & Dave Grohl
  80. "Hybrid Earth" Erra
  81. "Hit On The Radio" Blowsight
  82. "Fear Does Not Exist In This Dojo" Circle Of Rage
  83. "Open The Gates Of Hell" Winds Of Plague
  84. "In Somni" Silence
  85. "Unbreakable" Stratovarius
  86. "Nice To Meet You" Forever The Sickest Kids
  87. "Jailbreak" Anthrax
  88. "Illusions" Cabin Boy Jumped Ship
  89. "Extinction" Last Of A Dying Breed
  90. "Make You Suffer" Fallrise
  91. "Abuser Friendly" Man Must Die
  92. "Fallen" A Skylit Drive
  93. "The Lament" Saint[The]sinner
  94. "Against The Wall" Octavians
  95. "Masterplan" Limber
  96. "Liar, Liar" Afterparty
  97. "Remember Me" Emphatic
  98. "Magnolia Blvd." Butcher Babies
  99. "Behind Closed Doors" Pop Evil
  100. "Different Story" Dance! No Thanks