1. "In A World Of Bottles & Bedsores" City Of The Weak
  2. "Minotaur" Fleshgod Apocalypse
  3. "My Release In Pain" Lacrimas Profundere
  4. "Martyrs" Beyond All Recognition
  5. "I'm Gone" Deadlock
  6. "Seventh Swamphony" Kalmah
  7. "When I Lost My Bet" Dillinger Escape Plan
  8. "Only Fools Get Caught" Booze And Glory
  9. "Organic Silver" Dotzauer
  10. "Crimson" Sink The City
  11. "Still Bleeding" This Day Burns
  12. "Hollow Planet" Aversions Crown
  13. "Silent Wolves, Howling Moon" Poison Nova
  14. "Justice Is Charity Of The Wise" Tasters
  15. "The Pulse Of The Dead" Parasite Inc.
  16. "Just Pretend" Mary Fay
  17. "Feel The Same" Candlelight Red
  18. "New Colors" Islander
  19. "Winter At The Seams" These Miles
  20. "Learn To Drown" Scream The Headlines
  21. "Χ Ξ Σ (666)" Rotting Christ
  22. "I Am Hate" Buried In Verona
  23. "Burn It Down" Mindset Evolution
  24. "Dirty Knees" Milestone
  25. "A Hallow Tale" Zombie Sam
  26. "The Most High" Terror
  27. "Sleeping In Snow" Vitja
  28. "'til Death Do Us Part" Emberville
  29. "The Takedown" Girl On Fire
  30. "Seven Widows Weep" Sirenia
  31. "Unspoken" Kylesa
  32. "F.R.E.A.K.S." As They Burn
  33. "Bitches Brew" Crosses
  34. "Night On Fire" Reckless Love
  35. "Angus Mcfife" Gloryhammer
  36. "Face Our Time" Lashdown
  37. "The Lament" Saint[The]sinner
  38. "The Fight" September Sky
  39. "Vilify" Device
  40. "Nice To Beat You" Earased
  41. "You Only Live Once, So You Can't Die Twice" Skarlett & Set On Famous
  42. "The Fire Inside" Righteous Vendetta
  43. "56 Chances" Words We Use
  44. "Thrift Shop" Like Vultures
  45. "The Burden" Keema
  46. "Victim Of Ritual" Tarja
  47. "Fight Or Flight" Secret State
  48. "With Me Now" Blacklite District
  49. "Brotherhood" Fallbrawl
  50. "Restless" Reach The Sky
  51. "Rest Assured" Our Hollow, Our Home
  52. "Lift Me Up" Five Finger Death Punch
  53. "I Is For I Want To Be With You, Unfortunately There's A U In Break-Up" Roses For Raychael
  54. "Exasperated" Aliases
  55. "Amen & Attack" Powerwolf
  56. "Blood Like Cream" Red Fang
  57. "Taste My Pain" Tesla
  58. "Weak" Seether
  59. "Give & Take" Shoot The Girl First
  60. "Colder Than Ever" Warhound
  61. "Fall And Stand" Light Your Anchor
  62. "Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World" Steel Panther
  63. "Poisoning The Steps Of Babel" Dawn Of Ashes
  64. "Stellar Parallax" Nightfall
  65. "Tiny Raindrop" Balance And Composure
  66. "Love Heals" W.E.T.
  67. "Special" Pink Cream 69
  68. "Truth Untold" Black Tusk
  69. "Live By The Code" Terror
  70. "Straitjacket Supermodel" Eve To Adam
  71. "Show Yourself" Colossa
  72. "World War Three" Jupiter Falls
  73. "As We Approach The End" Cygnosic
  74. "The Mouths Of Madness" Orchid
  75. "Oxygen" Era 9
  76. "Walking Separate Ways" Conditions
  77. "Blood Host" Scar The Martyr
  78. "Joy" Canvas
  79. "What We've Become" Skarlett Riot
  80. "Evolution" Commander-In-Chief
  81. "Wake, Wait, Repeat" Kill Lincoln
  82. "The White Screamed Shout" White Screamed Shout
  83. "Unicorns From Hell" Ice Cream Cyanide
  84. "I'll Kill Myself" Our Fears
  85. "Move Shake Hide" Marmozets
  86. "Condemned To Misery" Malevolence
  87. "Phantoms & Shadows" Memory Of A Melody
  88. "Home Is Where The Heart Is" Any Given Day
  89. "Dirty Dynamite" Krokus
  90. "Bad Motherfucker" Biting Elbows
  91. "Locked Out Of Heaven" Lions Lions
  92. "Trenches" Pop Evil
  93. "Ashamed" Browning
  94. "Romantic Dreams" Deftones
  95. "Kuroi Ledge" A Lot Like Birds
  96. "Battle Born" Five Finger Death Punch
  97. "Swifty" Blood Of The Martyrs
  98. "Enemy Within" Gravil
  99. "Separate" North Til Dawn
  100. "Sleepwalking" Bring Me The Horizon