1. "Against The Wall" Octavians
  2. "Χ Ξ Σ (666)" Rotting Christ
  3. "I Am Hate" Buried In Verona
  4. "Wrecking Ball" Annisokay
  5. "The Takedown" Girl On Fire
  6. "Hollow Planet" Aversions Crown
  7. "Behind Closed Doors" Pop Evil
  8. "Unspoken" Kylesa
  9. "What Counts" A Traitor Like Judas
  10. "Colder Than Ever" Warhound
  11. "Burn It Down" Mindset Evolution
  12. "With Me Now" Blacklite District
  13. "America" Motionless In White
  14. "Hey" Heavylight
  15. "Martyrs" Beyond All Recognition
  16. "Fall And Stand" Light Your Anchor
  17. "The Fire Inside" Righteous Vendetta
  18. "Right Now" Chelsea Grin
  19. "Lift Me Up" Five Finger Death Punch
  20. "Walking Separate Ways" Conditions
  21. "Dogs Like Socks" Psychostick
  22. "Sound In My Head" Madison Affair
  23. "Run For Cover" Blitz Kids
  24. "The Pulse Of The Dead" Parasite Inc.
  25. "Critical Obsession" Gates Of Hell
  26. "Seventh Swamphony" Kalmah
  27. "Halcyon Days" Stratovarius
  28. "F.R.E.A.K.S." As They Burn
  29. "Sleeping In Snow" Vitja
  30. "When I Lost My Bet" Dillinger Escape Plan
  31. "Right Where We Belong" Boymeetsworld
  32. "Only Fools Get Caught" Booze And Glory
  33. "Man Of The Hour" One Last Look
  34. "Break The Cycle" Legend
  35. "F.O.A.D." Mortillery
  36. "Thrift Shop" Like Vultures
  37. "The Phoenix" Fall Out Boy
  38. "Night On Fire" Reckless Love
  39. "No Mercy" Chimaira
  40. "Penance" Device
  41. "Nothing Left But Tears" Buckcherry
  42. "Sickness" Alteria
  43. "Basement" Gemini Syndrome
  44. "Legion" Fear Of Domination
  45. "Unicorns From Hell" Ice Cream Cyanide
  46. "Death Vision" Cadaveria
  47. "Watchers" Borderlands
  48. "Heaven Knows" Pretty Reckless
  49. "My Lust Your Fate" Burning Rain
  50. "Elevated" State Champs
  51. "Firepower" Seething Akira
  52. "Dead King" Facing The Oracle
  53. "In Due Time" Killswitch Engage
  54. "Closer To The Edge" Stria
  55. "The Damned" Depths
  56. "Scarlet" Periphery
  57. "The Most High" Terror
  58. "Bring The Roof Down" Phoenix Calling
  59. "Feast For The Crows" Abandoner
  60. "Jagerbomb" Crossfaith
  61. "Parasite" Ark Of The Covenant
  62. "The Fallback Plan" Free Ride
  63. "From Can To Can't" Corey Taylor & Dave Grohl
  64. "Spellbound" Noiseful Silence
  65. "Organic Silver" Dotzauer
  66. "Cycles Of Violence" Defy My Truth
  67. "Reservoir" Pup
  68. "Gravesend" Stone Sour
  69. "Ghosts" We Came As Romans
  70. "Don't Fall Into Snake Eyes" White Fox Society
  71. "Victim Of Ritual" Tarja
  72. "Hostage" Dangerkids
  73. "Atlantis" Dead Dreamers
  74. "Another Chance" In Other Climes
  75. "New Dynamic" Omnium Gatherum
  76. "Singularity" Tesseract
  77. "Anti-Vist" Bring Me The Horizon
  78. "Fair Warning" Concrete
  79. "We Refuse" Her Name In Blood
  80. "Stardust" Gemini Syndrome
  81. "Boat Paddle" Iwrestledabearonce
  82. "Open Eyes" Conditions
  83. "The Filth Among Us" Through Arteries
  84. "Speak To Me" I The Mighty
  85. "When We Fall" Stardog Champion
  86. "Fight" What Comes To Life
  87. "My Release In Pain" Lacrimas Profundere
  88. "Chupacabra" John Wolfhooker
  89. "Move Bitch" Green River Burial
  90. "Pegasus, Pegasus" Continents
  91. "Remember Me" Emphatic
  92. "One Thing Keeps Me Hangin' Around" Beat Seekers
  93. "Alone" Sleeping With Sirens
  94. "Hide From The Facts" Projectionist
  95. "Bigger Than Myself" 5th Of April
  96. "Nobody Loved You" Demon Project
  97. "Poisoning The Steps Of Babel" Dawn Of Ashes
  98. "I'm No Good" New Years Day
  99. "Pull The Trigger" Cold Soffocate
  100. "You Should Probably Stop Being An Asshole" Teeph