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Genre/Lang. : Pop/Rock (2013)

Calm down,
Take a breath,
'Cause all the luck you've got
Won't help you in the end.
Take it easy,
And turn back time.
Gravity is in your face,
But it's holding down your hands.
You were creaming your life story,
But one thing comes to mind;
So calm down,
Take a breath
And do it again.

[:: CHORUS ::]
And we walk
In this club,
You give me the right look,
Tell me the right words
And I'm yours.
You are the only one.
You are the only one,
That keeps my feet tied to the ground
And my head from going crazy.
I want you.
I want you as good as gold.
I want you.
I want you just skin and bone.

Lie back
And ease up,
You said 'maybe's and 'someday's
Were never enough.
But it's happened again;
I lost myself.
Coming home again
And I've lost some friends,
But we know it's better off in the end.
I hate everything that makes you you.
So sit back, relax,
As I push straight to the back
Of this room
That's burning up like you.

[:: CHORUS ::]

You need to get me out of your system,
To try and stop everything going wrong.
You had to put your faith in him,
'Cause you couldn't put your faith in me.
Make the best of the situation
Before it gets the best of us.
You are the only one,
Yeah, you are...


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