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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2011) (Feat. A$ap Rocky A$ap Twelvy Danny Brown Killa Kyleon & Freeway)

Coming down, sittin' clean, mixin' that Promethazine

[ASAP Twelvy]

DZA what it look like?

It's that ASAP
Gimme that beat, No take backs
Flow so hard I say facts
These real slugs, y'all 8-track
That's fool's gold
I’m two, four
Yellow and purp, I move slow
Stacking all my cool dough
Teacher need that too, though
I'm just copping sneakers
And a couple liters
Load it up on ammo
Dumping all these features
F**king with me? Nah, my man
It’s clear to see you high my man
Ain't no system, try my man
Then they wonder why, my man
Moving like we moving
Rising like we rising
ASAP Worldwide, global enterprising (huh)
Don’t that sound good
Corporate but I'm wild hood
Coming from a wild hood
Now just his style (Huh)
Ricky always with us
Sip the 'zona
Flacko put me on it
Now the hoes won't get up off it
That's that pimp shi*
Never on no symp' shi*
Shorty here now
Best believe that's my tense bi**h

[Danny Brown]

I'm a weirdo
Molly in the pocket of my pea coat
Wresting a P-bo have three hoes,
got coke so we about to speed boat
I got trees and O
Sup brother sh*t got boats and hoes
Boats and soda
Rolling up the doja
White boys grew up ever since they coughed
I thought I told ya so?
I got tons of hoes
So when I lick lick lick lick on they best friend
Take the d*ck out the pussy, put it in the throat
Jiggas can’t say no to James
I done F**ked up on 2 things
Spill the purple on the mind cloud
Splitting swishers, blunts up in the air
With my ni**a, smoke this
Now these hoes wanna know my name
Cause when I'm on the east, I f**k with rough
On the west, my drink is rum
F**k my dog
F**k my peso
Suck my d*ck ho
Cause I say so
Now she all up on my jock
Never made love at a parking lot
Taking shots of that tiger balm
Jeremy's got tyga on
Fixing a blunt at the blunt fitting dope
Now she talking about she wants the tiger balm
And my teeth F**ked up but ni**a I got hella hot hoes
I'm that Detroit mothaF**ker with the rudest flow

[Hook: A$AP Rocky & Smoke DZA]

[A$AP Rocky]

Uh, I'm sittin' high, I'm tippin' slow
I'm gettin' high, but I'm sippin' slow
Mouth full of golds, ni**a I got hella hoes
I'm that Harlem mothaF**ka with that mellow flow
Coming down, sittin' clean, mixin' that Promethazine (Uh)
Coming down, sittin' clean, mixin' that Promethazine (Uh)
Coming down, sittin' clean, mixin' that Promethazine (Uh)
Coming down, sittin' clean, mixin' that Promethazine...

[Smoke DZA]

(White! Purple, we loco! Purple, we loco!
On purple, we loco! Purple, we loco!)

[Killa Kyleon]

I’m too throwed
Two white cups
My sh*t feel
Drunk, High, pop vic or X
Drink Evian lean like my 5th wheel
Candy painted sitting on them pokers
Make a barber disappear like hocus pocus
David Blaine, I take your picture
And never eat no d*ck like fried okra
ASAP my jewelry rocking
My watch, my chain, last name’s stallone
King of the underground like kevin bun
Y’all freshman ni**as better watch the throne
Money calling, gotta watch the phone
A ni**a on his grind can’t miss shi*
I’m bad to the bone like hoes clothes
AKA I’m a misfit
Y’all broke a** ni**as just get rich
While I get rich
My flow loco
And Zo-zoco
I got the game in the jump
Del loco
Stupid bread, retarded money
Is that Chevy my short bus?
Smoking loud, you gotta cough it up
Another beat dead, getting chopped up
Part fidel, screw face
I’m so extern like scoob‘s tapes
Counting money, y’all flick the conch
I’ll hold a dead ni**a so two face (yeah)
Kush garden
There’s a killa
I lean and dream
My cups double
My blunts rolled
And I’m shaking these hater like a king de dream


That sh*t crazy I’ve been loco
Since ni**as been living in they moms’ house
Had ye, had nickels, had dimes out
While y’all was still playing in your snow clothes
Yo new chick? My old ho
Yo new style? My old clothes
These ni**as ain't got no clothes
Plus they be kicking it with po-po
I’m realer toward the dealer
Need that pen of Mary Urkle
Got a f’real line
Got a trap line
Got Google voice numbers on both phones
I’m a globe trotting ni**a that hold chrome
Fireman gotta ladder that chromo
No sprite, sip the purple straight
R-A-N-A real a** ni**as that don’t blow
Mommy give me chocha
Popi know I’m loco
I see him, and cop 2
Then she throw me popa
Betty Crocker cakes I move
A lotta come in place your order
Move that king
Simply cause we able to
And proper take the chopper. (haha)


[Smoke DZA]

I’m a loco, ni**a straight loco
First time out I warned y'all
Now I’m bout to go postal
First let me get to the pro tools
F**king/F**k it real low ni**a, old school
This time I brought my folks through
Harlem ni**as show love like I’m supposed to (huh?)
I got some bud in the cut
Rolling through the sink with some mud in my cup
Pour me an eighth, got me all stuffed
My ni**a low from Meridian know what’s up
One time for my N.O. ni**as
My Texas ni**as, some reckless ni**as
Double cup for breakfast ni**as
All day no, effort ni**as
I'm gettin' high, I'm sippin' slow
And all this tour money, I'mma get some more
Aight, bring it to the hood
Get a heavy flow
You know us Harlem mothaF**kas like to hustle though
I need the bread and the butter
Might be a hit, wouldn’t it be nice if I fooled ya
One time for the third and my homeboy Scudda
Better watch yo mouth til I get this shooter
I'm a loco, loco
You shook ni**a
Keep yo head down
Don’t look ni**a
Better watch out for the hook

[:: OUTRO ::]

Coming down, sittin' clean, mixin' that Promethazine

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