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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2011) (Feat. Loverance & Akafrank)


Bust it open
Like a walnut
Get it wet
Let a ni**a lick it all up
My swag make u wanna give the draws up
Big d*ck promise it'll fill ya walls up

Fresh levi's
And a fitted hat
And I bet I leave it on
When I'm hittin that
U got them leggings on
And a g-string
Big boobs lemme see them double d thangs

Real ni**a tho
pu**y on the menu
I put on a show
and let the pu**y be the venue
Mic check, one two
I pull a bi**h
Told her she could pic one too

plently options
tell me where to put it at
want it in ur mouth
or wanna feel in ya putty cat
either way we gon have a good time
Imma blow ya back out
and you gon need a new spine


Girl when you come
Its goin down
Imma beat it up
And make you smile
If you cant give head
I'll teach u how
And if you still aint wet
Then I must go down
Hold up...Let me eat it first
(first, first, first, first)
Hold up...Let me eat it first
(first, first, first, first)
Hold up...Let me eat it first


I heard you was the most important meal
Lay ya body down let my hands get a feel
I eat it up beat it up then I clean it up
Figure four pu**y lock
Girl you aint gettin up, huh
watch me stunt in that pussy
Knee deep shi*
Im goin dumb in that pussy
Nickname waterslides, slippery
Heard about my d*ck game
Now she wanna get wit me

She gets this dick
Nothin more
We dont f**k on the bed
We f**k on the floor
Im pullin out tracks
when I hit it from the back
never been a damn killer
but i murdered that cat

Lick it slow
Lick it fast
If you on top of me
Girl im grippin that ass
Toot it boot it
thats the best
LoveRance, im DTF



LL cool Frank
Ladies love me
And we can get it poppin
Girl, bubbly
Money in the bank
Girl what u thank
Sex on the beach
But no not the drank, ha

Yo ex man couldnt freak ya
Girl imma beast
Wolverine on them features
Imma sexual creature
Franklin do it big girl...aretha

Im off the scale and the meter
Broke down all bad bit**es and divas
Let ya boyfriend make love to ya
Bang ya like a gavel
Girl i'll sue ya

I got work
If she wet i surf
Kuz i can make it
I can make it squirt
And this might be yo boo
And im rowing in that thang
the whole crew


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