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Genre/Lang. : Christian (2007)

I know they hurt you
Said you would never make it
Some did desert you
You feel you can't take it
But He didn't bring you this far to let you fail
Cause God believes in you

Sometimes life pressures they get so heavy
But you can't give up and forfeit your destiny
See he gave you dreams and now you must pursue

God Believes (God Believes)
God Believes (God Believes)
Yes he does

And that's why you made it through, through your storms
God was on your side, protecting you all along
And whatever he promised you, he will
Listen, God believes, I'm saying God believes, God believes

I want to speak to your heart today. Listen, you shall Prevail God is for you. He won't let you fail, help me say
You shall, prevail, God is for you. And he won't let you fail,
No weapon formed against you, will be able to prosper, God is for you.
You're more than a conqueror, you've got victory
God is fighting for you
God is fighting for you
That's why you made it the storm. He was on your side, protecting you, covering you.

God believes
God believes
God believes
In you
I'm telling you God believes
Yes, he does
I want you to know
No matter who walked away
God is faithful to stay

O my friend
Want you to know
He believes
He believes in you
You are special to him
You are, you are
You are, you are
God believes in you

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