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Genre/Lang. : Christian (2009)

Verse 1

I've been following jesus for so many years when i think of how good hes been it brings me to tears Hmmm...Yeah
Tho satin Trys To change My mind i cant Turn Away Ohhh No No i Made a vowl to the lord and im hear to stay you see hes been good to me better than i knew he could be Yeahh in each and everyday You can belive when you hear me say


Im happy[Happy with Jesus]
Jesus alone [Jesus Alone] x4

Verse 2

Listen How can you Compare a man with the world in his hands and how could he love me so i dont understand tho i turned away he took me back in yeaa he showed me unconditonal love again and agian oh my my Live and breath My troubles not Gone Every daylight since he took away the thrown ill tell you hes some kind of friend listen up i got a message to send.(Chours)Look at the smile thats on our face

[:: VERSE 3 ::]

Lets take it on Home
im happy[Happy]
sing im happy[Happy]
anybody here happy[Happy]
Ohh yea soo happy[Happy]
Happy with jesus[With Jesus]
without the mansion on the Hill[Happy]
Still im happy[Happy]
If i never see my name in lights[Happy]
Still im happy[Happy]
If the never put my name[Happy]
Oh on the hollywood walk of fame[Happy]
if they never write a book about me [Happy]
Still ill be[ happy]
with jesus
Heres the reason why
He brings me joy[Happy]
He brings Me peace[Happy]
He's everything to me[Happy]
And im happy [With Jesus]

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