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Genre/Lang. : Country (2012)

I'm gonna grab a pot, one that's stainless steel, and that's big enough, for a king-sized meal
Gonna fill it up, with a garden hose, out in the yard, with some regular Joes
Get the propane tank, an light it up, gonna heat that water, then pour a cup
Of some Old Bay or that Zatarains, make it real hot, baby that's the plan

Let's have a
(Low country boil) spread the word that it's goin' down
(Low country boil) all my friends are gonna gather round
(Low country boil) some beer on ice and we'll go to town
(Low country boil) down in Dixieland that's where I'm found

You take some red potaters and you cut 'em up, on the tailgate of your pickup truck
With some ears of corn, make it silver queen, and the biggest mushrooms that you ever seen
You throw it all in, and you let it cook, with some sausage, but don't overlook
Jumbo shrimp, blue crab, or if ya really want, how 'bout some crawdads?

Can't cha smell what we got goin' on?
And if you feel what I'm sayin' won't you come sing along

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