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  1. Money Crash Mansion
  2. Playground Fiction Nation
  3. Holy War Thy Art Is Murder
  4. Nothing Else Matters Shinedown
  5. Light Bearer Thy Art Is Murder
  6. Amen Halestorm
  7. She Keeps Me Up Nickelback
  8. Loaded Gun Soil
  9. Wide Awake And Dead Orgy
  10. Face Everything And Rise Papa Roach
  11. Trust Fall Incubus
  12. Failure Breaking Benjamin
  13. Monuments Burning Down Alaska
  14. Hurricane Lifehouse
  15. Do You Wanna Rock Danko Jones
  16. Prism Servant Sun
  17. Illuminate Buried In Verona
  18. Alive Dirty Youth
  19. Obey The Beard Psychostick
  20. 10 2 10 (Remix) Big Sean
  21. Demons In The Mist Martyr Defiled
  22. In Love Again River Becomes Ocean
  23. Coconut Dracula Islander
  24. Nothing Stands In Our Way Lacuna Coil
  25. Father Of All The Orphans Zavod
  26. Savages Theory Of A Deadman
  27. Shadowmaker Apocalyptica
  28. This Probably Won't End Well All That Remains
  29. New Wave Islander
  30. Miscellanea 10 Years
  31. Salvation Spades And Blades
  32. Autumn Silence Is Covered With Ice Sectorial
  33. Straight From The Underground Taipan
  34. Superman Adarna
  35. New Dawn St.Aria
  36. Will You Share This Ending With Me Hanging Garden
  37. My Green Neighbour Destrage
  38. Newspeak Silent Rose
  39. Redemption Early Seasons
  40. Mountain Throne Polar
  41. Lemniscata Möbius Tyranny
  42. Here We Stand Keema
  43. The Looking Glass Dream Theater
  44. Ain't That A Bitch Twelve Foot Ninja
  45. One Blood Mind Museum
  46. A Deep Slow Panic Afi
  47. Kids Of The Boneyard Americana
  48. Dog On A Leash Adelitas Way
  49. Lights Go Out Fozzy
  50. Unchain Utopia Epica
  51. We Had It All Raskins
  52. Elvenlegions Elvenking
  53. Close To The Sun Guano Apes
  54. Oblivion Switchblade Jesus
  55. White Fire Alarm City Of The Weak
  56. This World Is Mine Colors Dead Bleed
  57. Horizon Kings At Heart
  58. A Tale Of Outer Suburbia Hands Like Houses
  59. Of Glory Bury Tomorrow
  60. Gangsta's Paradise Falling In Reverse
  61. Let Me In Make Them Suffer
  62. Scream Rome
  63. Wirtshaus Gaudi Equilibrium
  64. And We Run Within Temptation
  65. Something Wicked This Way Comes Aittala
  66. Wake Me Up Awakening Sun
  67. Father Time Ghost Season
  68. What Are You Waiting For? Nickelback
  69. Something From Nothing Foo Fighters
  70. Wish You Hell Like A Storm
  71. Enemy Blue Stahli
  72. Ready Aim Fire Blue Stahli
  73. Deathblow Seamless
  74. Last Goodbye Up On The Apple
  75. One Less Heart To Break Patent Pending
  76. Cosmic Rain Brilliant Roses
  77. Black Flowers Pagliacci
  78. No, It's Definitely You Skylime
  79. The Depth's Beast All Misery
  80. Deceived Red Dragon Cartel
  81. Ms. Me Chrysalis
  82. The Wrench Widespread Disease
  83. 63rd & Hayes Naledge
  84. 10,000 Headless Horses Our Last Enemy
  85. Splintered Buried In Verona
  86. Not Me Katarsick
  87. Somebody Wants Days You Close Noisemaker
  88. Just Pretend Mary Fay
  89. Down The Ashes Rain Poisonblack
  90. Trouble By Maker
  91. The Burden Of Being Wonderful Steel Panther
  92. Wrong Hell Or Highwater
  93. Cry Used
  94. Three Little Words Hide The Evidence
  95. Nice To Beat You Earased
  96. C'mon Adam Kills Eve
  97. The Meadow Is Burning Sparrow Falls
  98. Rapture Chaos Injected
  99. Disclosure Fact
  100. The Ones To Fall Freakangel