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  1. We Biult This House Scorpions
  2. Barbarian Darkness
  3. Élan Nightwish
  4. Darkest Part Red
  5. The Man Who Broke His Own Heart Everclear
  6. I Get Around Adelitas Way
  7. The Dark Stone Sour
  8. Wish You Hell Like A Storm
  9. Coconut Dracula Islander
  10. Whole World Is Watching Within Temptation
  11. Dead Nerves Traitors
  12. Living For Tomorrow We Found Out
  13. Face Everything And Rise Papa Roach
  14. Torn To Pieces Pop Evil
  15. Wide Awake And Dead Orgy
  16. Monuments Burning Down Alaska
  17. True Zero Cancer Bats
  18. Out Of The Black Royal Blood
  19. The Butterfly Effect Element Of Chaos
  20. Apocalyptic Halestorm
  21. This Probably Won't End Well All That Remains
  22. Mountain Lion Future User
  23. Dancing On Nails We Are Harlot
  24. Deep Six Marilyn Manson
  25. Shadowmaker Apocalyptica
  26. New Wave Islander
  27. Absolution Calling Incubus
  28. White Fire Alarm City Of The Weak
  29. Rock Or Bust Ac/Dc
  30. Faith Devour The Day
  31. War Of Kings Europe
  32. Dead But Rising Volbeat
  33. The Lay Of Our Love Tyr
  34. Out Of My Mind Mushroomhead
  35. And We Run Within Temptation
  36. What Are You Waiting For? Nickelback
  37. F... Hipster Six Reasons To Kill
  38. I'm Glad You're Dead Bobaflex
  39. Ain't That A Bitch Twelve Foot Ninja
  40. Moralism Vs. Materialism Ignored
  41. Running Out Of Time One2s
  42. Let Me In Make Them Suffer
  43. Something Wicked This Way Comes Aittala
  44. Nothing Stands In Our Way Lacuna Coil
  45. Congregation Foo Fighters & Zac Brown
  46. In A World Of Bottles & Bedsores City Of The Weak
  47. All Bad Things Mötley Crüe
  48. Miscellanea 10 Years
  49. Upside Down Come And Rest
  50. Insane Neural Fx
  51. Left For Dead Death Angel
  52. In Love Again River Becomes Ocean
  53. Sleep In The Shadows For The Likes Of You
  54. Rat A Tat Fall Out Boy
  55. Nowhere To Hide Crobot
  56. Thirst Every Time I Die
  57. Destroy Create Transform Sublimate Destrage
  58. Gotta Get It Right Sixx A.M.
  59. Judgment Drake Equation
  60. Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge Marilyn Manson
  61. Tsar Zavod
  62. Hit The Ground Hinder
  63. Crash The Gates Yellowcard
  64. Conjure Down
  65. One Shot Lansdowne
  66. Don't Be So Shy Madjive's Full House
  67. My Heart Varna
  68. Roar Lillasyster
  69. Legion Fear Of Domination
  70. Momentariness Rising Anger
  71. Heartbreak Warning Never Trust
  72. The Burden Of Being Wonderful Steel Panther
  73. Disclosure Fact
  74. Any Colour You Like (As Long As It's Black) New Black
  75. Obey The Beard Psychostick
  76. Open Road Afterparty
  77. Lightning Bolt Pearl Jam
  78. Pressure Point Heartist
  79. Unchain Utopia Epica
  80. Time Has Come Bayside
  81. Going Nowhere Party In A Forest
  82. Elvenlegions Elvenking
  83. Until It's Gone Linkin Park
  84. Remains Pet The Preacher
  85. Born In Winter Gojira
  86. I'm Weird Ghost Town
  87. Breathe Again A Hero To Fall
  88. Cold Summer Fuel
  89. When The Lights Go Out Afterparty
  90. Swamp Fever Mother Mary Mood
  91. Automatic Overdrive Slash
  92. This Is Who I Am Rated X
  93. What Did I Do? / God As My Witness Foo Fighters & Gary Clark Jr.
  94. Hurricane Lifehouse
  95. Smash A Single Digit Napalm Death
  96. Odyssey Zoroaster
  97. Blvckbird While The Buried Sleep
  98. Expectations Set The Sun
  99. The Wrench Widespread Disease
  100. Environmental Breakdown 8fulstrike