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  1. In A World Of Bottles & Bedsores City Of The Weak
  2. Deep Six Marilyn Manson
  3. Shadowmaker Apocalyptica
  4. Golden Years Grenouer
  5. Megatron Crazy Town
  6. All Bad Things Mötley Crüe
  7. This Probably Won't End Well All That Remains
  8. Apocalyptic Halestorm
  9. Centuries Fall Out Boy
  10. Rising Angels Max Jason Mai
  11. New Wave Islander
  12. Rising Angels Nae6
  13. Waste Earn Blues Triple A Orchestra
  14. Wish You Hell Like A Storm
  15. Xvtv Fifteen Litre
  16. Coconut Dracula Islander
  17. Face Everything And Rise Papa Roach
  18. What Are You Waiting For? Nickelback
  19. Blackouts Days Like Today
  20. Torn To Pieces Pop Evil
  21. My Green Neighbour Destrage
  22. Htrz Thot
  23. Dog On A Leash Adelitas Way
  24. Ballad Of The Lower East Side Michael Monroe
  25. Love Sonata Arctica
  26. Out Of My Mind Mushroomhead
  27. Behind The Curtain Coldrain
  28. Heartbreak Warning Never Trust
  29. Pathfinder Fleshgod Apocalypse
  30. The Wrench Widespread Disease
  31. 10,000 Headless Horses Our Last Enemy
  32. Newspeak Silent Rose
  33. Just Pretend Mary Fay
  34. Ain't That A Bitch Twelve Foot Ninja
  35. The Hate Song Soil
  36. Hard To Breathe Revoked
  37. Monuments Burning Down Alaska
  38. Lightning Bolt Pearl Jam
  39. Sangre Por Sangre (Blood For Blood) Hellyeah
  40. Hollow Bodies Blessthefall
  41. Never Surrender Black Stone Cherry
  42. Void You Out Off!
  43. Still Bleeding This Day Burns
  44. Gangsta's Paradise Falling In Reverse
  45. Skeletons Lessons
  46. Congregation Foo Fighters & Zac Brown
  47. Family Ccwb
  48. Winter At The Seams These Miles
  49. Hot Soap My Ticket Home
  50. One Shot Lansdowne
  51. Blvckbird While The Buried Sleep
  52. F... Hipster Six Reasons To Kill
  53. Wolfpack Taped
  54. My Heart Varna
  55. Roar Lillasyster
  56. The Frozen Wind Vitriol
  57. Delete Delete Black Cheers
  58. Gone Vayden
  59. Nice To Beat You Earased
  60. The Burden Keema
  61. The Looking Glass Dream Theater
  62. Salem Town Lorelei
  63. Take Out The Gunman Chevelle
  64. This Fire Was Meant For Us Both Versus Angels
  65. Wide Awake And Dead Orgy
  66. When The Lights Go Out Afterparty
  67. Savages Theory Of A Deadman
  68. Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge Marilyn Manson
  69. Tiny Raindrop Balance And Composure
  70. The End Is Here North Til Dawn
  71. Try To Fight It Shallow Side
  72. Jean Shorts Burns Like Fire
  73. Never Lose Your Flames Issues
  74. 'til Death Do Us Part Emberville
  75. Loaded Gun Soil
  76. Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now Chiodos
  77. Mountain Throne Polar
  78. Council Of The Dead Famous Last Words
  79. Dead Weight My Aim To Farewell
  80. Friends Are Family Light Within
  81. Countdown To Yesterday Ascending From Ashes
  82. And You've Had Your Six Jet Pack
  83. Upon Memory New Haven
  84. Echoes Miss May I
  85. Words As Weapons Seether
  86. Easy Escape Underwell
  87. Painkiller Three Days Grace
  88. Cigarette Girl Y.B.
  89. Means To An End Lucid Fly
  90. Elvenlegions Elvenking
  91. Bent Nail Nothing
  92. Gold Is Not For Me Straight A's
  93. Birth Of The Omnisavior Rivers Of Nihil
  94. Who The Hell? Double Experience
  95. Humanity Bury The Evidence
  96. The Wolves Die Young Sonata Arctica
  97. Borderline Veer Union
  98. White Fire Alarm City Of The Weak
  99. Raquel Natalie Pryce
  100. While We Sleep Insomnium