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  1. Where Is Your Home? Firstborn
  2. Amen Halestorm
  3. Face Everything And Rise Papa Roach
  4. We Biult This House Scorpions
  5. Coconut Dracula Islander
  6. Failure Breaking Benjamin
  7. Ignite The Night Years Till Now
  8. Tell Me Now Decedy
  9. Left Alone After The Nightfall
  10. Just Move On Margate
  11. Senseless Richy Nix
  12. Kill One, Kill Two Rats From A Sinking Ship
  13. Paradise Falls Yesiswear
  14. An Eagle For A Fish We Came From Wolves
  15. Hard To Breathe Revoked
  16. Kids In The Dark All Time Low
  17. Dancing On Nails We Are Harlot
  18. The Man Who Broke His Own Heart Everclear
  19. Rise Up Art Of Dying
  20. Monuments Burning Down Alaska
  21. Wide Awake And Dead Orgy
  22. Darkest Part Red
  23. This Probably Won't End Well All That Remains
  24. Just Like You Celldweller
  25. Trust Fall Incubus
  26. White Fire Alarm City Of The Weak
  27. The Dark Stone Sour
  28. We Fight For Love Brilliant Roses
  29. Faith Devour The Day
  30. War Of Kings Europe
  31. Salvation Spades And Blades
  32. Here We Stand Keema
  33. Black Flowers Pagliacci
  34. Dead Nerves Traitors
  35. Miscellanea 10 Years
  36. I Get Around Adelitas Way
  37. Playground Fiction Nation
  38. New Dawn St.Aria
  39. Autumn Silence Is Covered With Ice Sectorial
  40. Competition Dodos
  41. Live For Something Crash Mansion
  42. Do You Wanna Rock Danko Jones
  43. Prism Servant Sun
  44. Light Bearer Thy Art Is Murder
  45. √Član Nightwish
  46. Superman Adarna
  47. The Hate Song Soil
  48. In Love Again River Becomes Ocean
  49. Die To Save You Sick Puppies
  50. Still Hurts Therapy?
  51. 1000 Seasons Rentals
  52. It's Time To Come Home Rentals
  53. Gangsta's Paradise Falling In Reverse
  54. Absolution Calling Incubus
  55. Out Of The Black Royal Blood
  56. Switchback Celldweller
  57. Cool White Reaper
  58. Left For Dead Death Angel
  59. Rise Up Saliva
  60. Centuries Fall Out Boy
  61. Milestone Silverstein
  62. Down In Flames Blue Stahli
  63. Frozen Celldweller Vs. Blue Stahli
  64. One Less Heart To Break Patent Pending
  65. Straight From The Underground Taipan
  66. Alive Dirty Youth
  67. Hit The Ground Hinder
  68. Wish You Hell Like A Storm
  69. True Zero Cancer Bats
  70. One More Round New Found Glory
  71. Watershed Rainchild
  72. Mindfreak Criss Angel
  73. Takedown (Xina Version) Blue Stahli
  74. Pigs Wear Blue Xbxrx
  75. Annie Ting Baby Elvis
  76. Sails, Hermaphroditic Of Montreal
  77. Red White And Black Off!
  78. Forget Me A Year Gone By
  79. Rescue Me Kxm
  80. Hurricane Lifehouse
  81. Agony Of It All Fatal Havoc
  82. I.O.U. Nothing Coal Chamber
  83. Superhero Faith No More
  84. Burning Bridges Blue Stahli
  85. Holy War Thy Art Is Murder
  86. Trucker Speed M's
  87. Compass Commands 31 Knots
  88. Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now Chiodos
  89. Close Your Eyes To Paint With Fire
  90. Cry Of Achilles Alter Bridge
  91. I've Given Up On Giving Up For All The Wrong Reasons
  92. This Fire Was Meant For Us Both Versus Angels
  93. Play Ball Ac/Dc
  94. Golden Years Grenouer
  95. Smash A Single Digit Napalm Death
  96. Deathblow Seamless
  97. Slave State Thy Disease
  98. Environmental Breakdown 8fulstrike
  99. Council Of The Dead Famous Last Words
  100. Me And Mary Jane Black Stone Cherry