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  1. Swamp Fever Mother Mary Mood
  2. Wake Me Up Awakening Sun
  3. Skeletons Lessons
  4. Gotta Get It Right Sixx A.M.
  5. Father Time Ghost Season
  6. Darkness Encroaching Hydra
  7. Nothing Stands In Our Way Lacuna Coil
  8. Coconut Dracula Islander
  9. Southern Drawl Delta Bends
  10. Future Drake Equation
  11. Judgment Drake Equation
  12. Something Wicked This Way Comes Aittala
  13. Father Of All The Orphans Zavod
  14. What Are You Waiting For? Nickelback
  15. Something From Nothing Foo Fighters
  16. Wide Awake And Dead Orgy
  17. Automatic Overdrive Slash
  18. Savages Theory Of A Deadman
  19. Out Of My Mind Mushroomhead
  20. Monuments Burning Down Alaska
  21. Gangsta's Paradise Falling In Reverse
  22. White Fire Alarm City Of The Weak
  23. This Is The Time (Ballast) Nothing More
  24. When The Lights Go Out Afterparty
  25. This Is Who I Am Rated X
  26. Part I Let's Build An Empire
  27. Cold Summer Fuel
  28. Let Me In Make Them Suffer
  29. Horizon Kings At Heart
  30. And We Run Within Temptation
  31. My Heart Varna
  32. Torn To Pieces Pop Evil
  33. Beaten In Lips Beartooth
  34. Council Of The Dead Famous Last Words
  35. Breathe Again A Hero To Fall
  36. This Fire Was Meant For Us Both Versus Angels
  37. Drown Theory Of A Deadman
  38. Bloody Angel Avatar
  39. I'm Weird Ghost Town
  40. Scream Rome
  41. Legion Fear Of Domination
  42. Cease To Exist Suicide Silence
  43. Obey The Beard Psychostick
  44. The Butterfly Effect Element Of Chaos
  45. Dog On A Leash Adelitas Way
  46. Guilty All The Same Linkin Park
  47. Monument Thränenkind
  48. Here Comes The Light Within Reason
  49. Welcome The Sickness Mercenary
  50. Dead Nerves Traitors
  51. Pretty Ones Derange
  52. Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire Starkill
  53. Love Sonata Arctica
  54. I Live Better When I Sleep Right Mistake
  55. Sleep Kxm
  56. Lightning Bolt Pearl Jam
  57. Our Endless War Whitechapel
  58. One Minute Uriah Heep
  59. Midnight Oil California Breed
  60. Wirtshaus Gaudi Equilibrium
  61. F... Hipster Six Reasons To Kill
  62. Die Without Hope Carnifex
  63. Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Indian Blood Last Internationale
  64. I'm Glad You're Dead Bobaflex
  65. Kings Of John Payne Close Your Eyes
  66. Extinction Last Of A Dying Breed
  67. I Live With Your Ghost Menace
  68. Gold And Blood Riverun
  69. Eye Of The Storm Haunted
  70. Born In Winter Gojira
  71. Waste Back Down
  72. Don't Lean On Me Amity Affliction
  73. Phantoms & Shadows Memory Of A Melody
  74. Destroy Create Transform Sublimate Destrage
  75. Paths Emursia
  76. Expectations Set The Sun
  77. Salem Town Lorelei
  78. Bigotry Goemagot
  79. Super Me Your Last Page
  80. Naysayer Architects
  81. Close Your Eyes To Paint With Fire
  82. You're Beautiful When You Don't Talk Steel Panther
  83. Rock Star 21scott
  84. My Way Sherlock Brothers
  85. Unconscious Suicide Hymnosis
  86. Humanity Bury The Evidence
  87. Young Vigilantes Road Home
  88. Ruined As Prayers Fail
  89. Rapture Chaos Injected
  90. Rebirth We Live This Day
  91. Bruised Those Who Fear
  92. All This Will Change Remember These Eyes
  93. Pittsburgh Amity Affliction
  94. Vita Underskyes
  95. We're Lost Inocean
  96. Elvenlegions Elvenking
  97. We Are The Clowns Phrenia
  98. Save Yourself Van Eps
  99. Black And White Universe Spooky Tunes
  100. The Lion Obese