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  1. Face Everything And Rise Papa Roach
  2. What Did I Do? / God As My Witness Foo Fighters & Gary Clark Jr.
  3. Storm Soundgarden
  4. Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge Marilyn Manson
  5. Tsar Zavod
  6. Play Ball Ac/Dc
  7. Phantom Limb Alice In Chains
  8. One And All Smashing Pumpkins
  9. Rock Or Bust Ac/Dc
  10. Edgewalking Awakening Sun
  11. Fair Warning Concrete
  12. Sons Of War Månegarm
  13. Regrets Cape Of Despair
  14. Ruined As Prayers Fail
  15. Coconut Dracula Islander
  16. A Spaceman Came Travelling Hello Lazarus
  17. Blackouts Days Like Today
  18. Dead Weight My Aim To Farewell
  19. Breath We'll Come Out Alive
  20. Sleep In The Shadows For The Likes Of You
  21. Diy Grace.Will.Fall.
  22. White Fire Alarm City Of The Weak
  23. Flood Brutai
  24. Horizon Kings At Heart
  25. The American Way Kataklysm
  26. Welcome The Sickness Mercenary
  27. Wake Me Up Awakening Sun
  28. Swamp Fever Mother Mary Mood
  29. One Lie Takida
  30. Doomsday Incarcerate
  31. Everything Blends Dependence
  32. Stay This Way From Ashes To New
  33. Death Valley Fall Out Boy
  34. I Just Feel Hate Shields
  35. Bleed I Am Revenge
  36. Stingray Affliction Issues
  37. Family Ccwb
  38. Play By Play A Tragic Setback
  39. Winter At The Seams These Miles
  40. Ordinary Life Simple Plan
  41. Bones Exposed Of Mice And Men
  42. Tiny Raindrop Balance And Composure
  43. Phantoms & Shadows Memory Of A Melody
  44. D.I.A. Googleme!
  45. Clothes Pins Yes Mistress
  46. Six Feet Under Set Sail At Sunrise
  47. No Regrets Raise Your Fall
  48. Don't Wanna Break Up Lisa Doll
  49. You Never Know Scally Cap Brats
  50. Buried Conviction Soon We Fall
  51. Coffin City Blessing A Curse
  52. Dogsbody Wrecklass Necklass
  53. Truce Twenty One Pilots
  54. It's Not The Same As Love Starship
  55. Hot Soap My Ticket Home
  56. Make You Suffer Fallrise
  57. Fire Black City
  58. Here Comes The Rain Black City
  59. Odyssey Zoroaster
  60. The End Is Here North Til Dawn
  61. Tiger Train Liam Lynch
  62. Never Say Never Venomous Pinks
  63. The End Close Your Eyes
  64. Wake Up Your Soul From Nightmare Solifuge
  65. One Shot Lansdowne
  66. Sirens Pitchblend
  67. Six Into Three Schemata Theory
  68. Miss Demise Waking Tera
  69. Blvckbird While The Buried Sleep
  70. F... Hipster Six Reasons To Kill
  71. Expectations Set The Sun
  72. Without You Lastdayhere
  73. Transcend The Throne Society's Plague
  74. Sickness Alteria
  75. In The End, All Things Will Be Known A Future Corrupt
  76. Dead Wrong Good For One Day
  77. Suffer For The Art Love And Zombies
  78. Killers In Us Deaththrob
  79. Don't Be So Shy Madjive's Full House
  80. Horcrux Honour Crest
  81. Original Rebels Godlike
  82. Take It Back Just Like Giants
  83. Devil's Night Caliban
  84. Reality Kicks Sydonia
  85. Tied Down Joe Lynn Turner
  86. Cut Dem Skindred
  87. Wolfpack Taped
  88. Mandem Spirytus
  89. My Heart Varna
  90. Pervy Love All Friends Dead
  91. I Smell A Massacre Butcher Babies
  92. Despierto Hidra
  93. Hungry Three Years Hollow
  94. Floored Right To Fall
  95. Doom Riff Skindred
  96. Internal Fight Chasing The Rise
  97. Night Of The Long Knives River Neva
  98. My Own Worst Enemy Get Scared
  99. Warning Skindred
  100. Sentience Punch Cabbie