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  1. "Jamaica" Ed Roman
  2. "Rambo Kanambo" Vybz Kartel
  3. "Standing In The Way Of Love" I-Maa-Ra
  4. "Lucy" Destra
  5. "What If" Busy Signal
  6. "Lean On" Major Lazer & Dj Snake
  7. "Liberal Opposer" Kabaka Pyramid
  8. "Love Is Real" Jessica Johnson
  9. "Pon Di Hustle" Boom Steppa
  10. "Let Your Hair Down" Magic!
  11. "Just Like Magic" Mavado & Jadakiss
  12. "State Of Mind" Ady Suleiman
  13. "General" Romain Virgo
  14. "Better Dayz" Zacheous Jackson
  15. "Versatile" I-Wayne
  16. "Tek Dem Man" Konfydence
  17. "Mama" Vybz Kartel
  18. "Let Them Haters Watch / Baby Girl" L. Razor
  19. "Gyal Yuh Good" Busy Signal
  20. "Jump!!!" Brimstarr
  21. "Shock Mi" X-Amount
  22. "Shake Dat" Jo Jo
  23. "Get High" Ky-Mani Marley
  24. "Whine Up" Tommy Lee Sparta
  25. "Mek Wi Touch" Destiny Sparta
  26. "Pat It Up" Tommy Lee Sparta
  27. "One More Shot" Rayvon
  28. "Trend Setta" I-Octane
  29. "Who Knows" Protoje
  30. "Make Me Moan" Orisha Sound
  31. "Rolly Polly" Mr. Killa
  32. "I Believe" Soja
  33. "Mama" I-Octane
  34. "Jah By My Side" Walker.T
  35. "Undisputed" Riddim Medley
  36. "Zacar" Ahkee And Sojournah
  37. "Life Hard" Adventerous
  38. "Mouth Talk" Alkaline
  39. "From The Farm" Jabalance
  40. "With U Again" Koolindian
  41. "Rock Stone" Stephen Marley
  42. "Physco" Tommy Lee Sparta
  43. "Embrace It (Remix)" Orisha Sound
  44. "Level Dem" Walker.T
  45. "Monster Winer" Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick
  46. "Wet Spliff" Busy Signal
  47. "Love Yuh" Stein Aka Steezy
  48. "Never Gonna Be A Slave" Kabaka Pyramid
  49. "Let Me See What You're Working With" Walker.T
  50. "Boom Boom Pass The Mushroom" Patent Pending & Mario And The Brick Breakers
  51. "B Rida" Nordia Whitter
  52. "Mommy Alright Now" Deablo
  53. "Africa" Jahn Naddo
  54. "Humble And A Live Up" Devano
  55. "Rastafari Way" Duane Stephenson & Mackeehan
  56. "Around Yah Suh A Dweet" Gdott
  57. "Let Myself Go" Mblem
  58. "Knowledge Is The Power" Bryan Art
  59. "Nuh Wine Discreet" Busy Signal & Yola Moi
  60. "Ministry Of Road (M.O.R.)" Machel Montano
  61. "Mama Africa" Likkle Lightning
  62. "Street Sweepa" Advance
  63. "Nice And Slow" Boy George
  64. "Mama I Love U" Tjatjie
  65. "Stress Free" Majah Bless
  66. "Brighter" Ozomatli
  67. "Come On To Me" Major Lazer
  68. "March Out" Smoove Shotta
  69. "Big People Party" Farmer Nappy
  70. "Hold On Tight" Patrice Roberts
  71. "Ebony" Shuga
  72. "Come" Smoove Shotta
  73. "Take It Easy" Omi
  74. "Let F**k Be Free (Drop Yuh Draws)" Rickey Teetz
  75. "A Dis Dem A Fight Fah" Rollie Fresh
  76. "One More Day" Singing Sweet & Kibaki
  77. "Have Dis" Bramma & S-Lock Family
  78. "Love Mi Wah Gal / Gyal A You" Tilibop & Teetimus
  79. "Rise As One" Jah Sun
  80. "Dream" Tommy Lee Sparta
  81. "Road Call 'calling Meh'" Destra
  82. "Rastafari Praise" Juhst Enoch
  83. "Venus" Terry Linen
  84. "I'm Sure" Teflon
  85. "I Wasn't Ready" Leftside
  86. "Temptation" Likkle Lightning
  87. "We Are The World" Jahn Naddo
  88. "Love Of A Father" Mark Balet
  89. "Inna Mi B Rider" Tiana
  90. "Shut Up" L.Razor
  91. "Party Re-Mix" Brimstarr
  92. "World War Three" Orisha Sound
  93. "Blood Shed" Tenza
  94. "Btw (Behaving The Worst)" Skinny Fabulous
  95. "Gi Wi Di Gyal Dem" Busha Mark
  96. "Gringo" Clueless Brothers
  97. "Party Life" Rdx
  98. "No Gun Around" Nature
  99. "Love Infection" A Pass
  100. "Ancient Weighs" Juhst Enoch