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Trillville - Weakest Link

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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2005)

Ayyy it's your boy Don P right ?right TRILLVILLE (corlio)
I need all my ni**az to look around (look around)
You see some hoes in the atmosphere? (I see them)
You know what they is? (we don't give a f**k today ni**a)
They the weakest link ayy ayyy (tell them ni**az goodbye)

[:: CHORUS ::]
As far as I can see you're a b***h to me
As far as I can see you're a b***h to me
You're the weakest link (goodbye)
You're the weakest link (goodbye)
You're the weakest link (goodbye)
You're the weakest link (goodbye)
As far as I can see you're a b***h to me
As far as I can see you're a b***h to me
You're the weakest link (goodbye)
You're the weakest link (goodbye)
You're the weakest link (goodbye)
You're the weakest link (goodbye)

[Verse One: Don Pheazy]
Ayy Yeaa
They always asking why I say yeaaa
Cuz I mean what I say
That how I agree with myself
And I'm a keep it real
And you should keep believing
Cuz if you don't your the weakest link and you should be leaving
Crunk as f**k and anit no name
To the name that I'm scheming
Like Michele Vic I'm talking sh*t anit playing ?
So I don't need a reason
to knock you out the projects
Just take your f**king wallet
And make it a f**king project
And your hoes can't stop it
Like all around that open ass
I'm ready to shoot
When ni**a all you do is f**king pass
It's the last day of class
So anit no need to ask
Cuz I anit your teacher
I wont let you pass
I'm Don A..K.A
Slash Corlio
Who started this whole shit
And put chall all on
And the pro's they don't know
And the girls ready to fuck
And the only thing left
is get rid of you f**king chumps (HEY)

[:: CHORUS ::]

[Verse two: Dirty Mouth]
Perpetrating ni**az always like to talk that bullshit
Ima let you feel it when the bullets start to talk shit
Right out the barrel of my rugers at you lame hoes
This is how it goes with my bit**es matters with a hoe
Right through your dome cuz my chrome is my only friend
Nigga don't pretend to be down when you wasn't in
Smiling in my face ima stab you in the f**kin back
Dressed in all black with the Tec ready to attack
Nigga you anit hard ima take your a** up off the map
Peeling ni**az caps talking sh*t running at they traps
I'm the realest ni**a that you hoes Eva seen before
Ima let cha know I anit neva been a scary hoe
I'm not your average Joe that you seen on your f**king block
Nigga pop pop as I clock back the f**king glock
Niggaz need to stop talking down up on my gang
Ima go insane on they a** as I'm busting brain(brain)

[:: CHORUS ::]

[Verse three: Lil La]
As far as I can see you the bitch
You the weakest link out cha mother f**king click
Nigga step up if you down for getting hit
Or quit talking all that monkey a** shit
I'm cutting out the mizzle
You getting paid a lizzle
This sum real shit
This anit no nursery rhyme rizzle
Ima let it get you
Right where it hit you
They gun have to stitch you
Real ni**az don't ride with you
That's why a ni**a grillz you
I see the bigger picture
But don't nobody miss you
Your b***h can't even kiss you
So she about to dis you
Or better yet quit you
Ima real ni**a
if she ask I got a dick
So pass me the swizzle
I'm gone out tha lizze
As far as I can see
You a b***h a** ni**a
Its time to fire it up
Your time expired up
And when I pull it out
You get shot up my ni**a

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