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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2005) (Feat. Master P, Halleluyah, Silkk The Shocker)

[Intro - Master P - talking]
New No Limit up in here (yeah, a haha)
This goes out to them boys (in Texas)
With the motherF**kin golds in they mouth (Georgia)
And them girls (Arkansas) with them golds in they mouth
(North Carolina, haha)
Louisiana to Alabama to Mississippi (get buck)
to Kentucky (throw 'em up) to Tennessee, let's roll

[Chorus - Master P]
Where you from ni**a? (WESTSIDE Ni**a)
Where you from ni**a? (EASTSIDE Ni**a)
Where you from ni**a? (NORTHSIDE Ni**a)
Where you from ni**a? (SOUTHSIDE Ni**a)
Where you from ni**a? (WESTSIDE Ni**a)
Where you from ni**a? (EASTSIDE Ni**a)
Where you from ni**a? (NORTHSIDE Ni**a)
Where you from ni**a? (SOUTHSIDE Ni**a)

[Verse 1 - Master P]
I'm straight from the streets and I'ma tell it like it was
Represent this b***h for the Crips and the Bloods
With ni**az on the block, with them automatic toys
And them ni**az in the game, that's still makin noise
I'm straight from the swamps, where them gators they'll get ya
The Calio projects, where the boys they'll hit ya
Don't come around here playin, whoadi it ain't a game
In broad daylight they can still call in your chain
I'ma country boy, but I don't ride on no camels
I'm in the Bentley Coupe, 24's spinnin the saddle
I'm from the city - that's shaped like a boot
Where ni**az are bankin, when I ain't talkin 'bout hoop
Where they gone off that water, and they shootin that legal
Ni**a die in my hood, they arms the size of Vin Diesel
And the streets is real, I've seen little kids get killed
And if you take a loss motherF**ker, you ain't real

[:: CHORUS ::]

[Verse 2 - Halleluyah]
Yeah, where you from motherF**ker, throw your hood up high, ni**a
Let me see you pump your sets in the sky
If you reppin the southside, then please let me know
Either your rockin with the Lou, Florida, or the NO
F**k it, let's together like all of us kin folks
And hit the game together like all of us pimp folk, yeah
You get your chin broke, you playin with No Limit ni**az
You think this sh*t joke, we show you ain't no gimmick ni**az
Macks and nines that'll clap your spine
Need a quick reaction time, when you step outta line ni**a
Ridin on 24's, what we specialize in
TV in our lap, fully loaded while we drivin
Gold teeth, good Lord chickens lovin our slang
And we hold heat for war, ni**az doin they thang, mayn
So get it up, if ya hood what ya brought up
Take a bloody Mary straight to the mouth, ya heard?

[:: CHORUS ::]

[Verse 3 - Silkk the Shocker]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Let me start by sayin off the bat ni**a, I don't give a F**k
I'm in a project with all my jewels on, like "HA ni**a WHAT"
I'ma real ni**a, y'all ni**az scared and frail
I'ma gangsta, I ain't never been scared of jail
Only problem with jail ni**a, is that I'm losin my time
And now it's boxing, no more me usin the nine
Or usin the tech, I gotta get my jab game up
Stick and move, you know, ni**a learn to use my left
And while I'm here, let me make a few things clear
If I'm in the building, it's at least 85 million up in here
And Shocker name hold weight, like the Governor of Louisiana
And y'all got problems, once he get out the slammer
I'm like "Nick," last name the way I keep me a "Cannon"
And I'm rich, like nothin for me to do, but drive by in the Phantom
I'm from the dirty, ya heard? We do nothin but ball here
Ask my block with the rock, I'm the "Truth" like Paul Pierce
You know where I'm from


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