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  1. "Sayonara, Arigatou ~Tatta Hitotsu No Basho~" Ai Kawashima
  2. "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)" Jay-Z
  3. "Perfekte Welle" Juli
  4. "Wait" Earshot
  5. "New Tony Lamas" Deryl Dodd
  6. "Nosso Amor É Ouro" Zezé Di Camargo e Luciano
  7. "Signals Over The Air" Thursday
  8. "525 Page" Ai Kawashima
  9. "Switchback" Celldweller
  10. "Tanto La Queria" Andy y Lucas
  11. "Pow (Forward)" Lethal Bizzle
  12. "Una Regola D'amore" Paolo Meneguzzi
  13. "F.I.L.A." Lil Scrappy
  14. "Breaking The Habit" Linkin Park
  15. "I Feel A Sin Comin' On" Jason McCoy
  16. "Beauty" Shaye
  17. "Kono Yo No Shirushi" Boa
  18. "S.A.N.T.A.N.A." Juelz Santana
  19. "Anything But Mine" Kenny Chesney
  20. "Put That Woman First" Jaheim
  21. "La Paga" Juanes
  22. "E.I. (The Tipdrill Remix)" Nelly
  23. "Days Go By" Keith Urban
  24. "Turn Me On" Kevin Lyttle
  25. "Valon-1" Salyu
  26. "Caught In The Rain" Preston School Of Industry
  27. "Merry-Chri" Boa
  28. "Presence (My Heart's Desire)" Newsboys
  29. "Le Chaos" Lukas Delcourt
  30. "Alone" Sanctus Real
  31. "Light In Your Eyes" Sheryl Crow
  32. "Liar" Vanilla Ninja
  33. "Flap Your Wings" Nelly
  34. "J'attendrai" Les Filles
  35. "At Night" Shakedown
  36. "Bounce" Sarah Connor
  37. "God Is A DJ" Pink
  38. "Summer Jam 2003" Underdog Project
  39. "Love You Like Mad" VS
  40. "Fragile" Treble
  41. "U Got That Love" Gerald Levert
  42. "Fake" Simply Red
  43. "I Love You This Much" Jimmy Wayne
  44. "Viben" K-liber
  45. "Karma" Alicia Keys
  46. "I Ain't Heard of That (Remix)" Slim Thug
  47. "Cry Holy" Sonicflood
  48. "Get Ready For Love" Nick Cave
  49. "Don't Wanna Think About You" Simple Plan
  50. "Comfortably Numb" Scissor Sisters
  51. "Baby Girl" Sugarland
  52. "Buried A Lie" Senses Fail
  53. "Drivin' Into the Sun" Sherrié Austin
  54. "Not Without Us" Dj Ötzi
  55. "Give It All Away" Across The Sky
  56. "Long Slow Kisses" Jeff Bates
  57. "Blood, Sweat And Tears" V
  58. "Mermaid" Ai Kawashima
  59. "Funeral Song" Rasmus
  60. "That's What I Love About Sundays" Craig Morgan
  61. "Still" Tamia
  62. "Neiro" Kreva
  63. "Zicken" Sedoussa
  64. "Funny" Gerald Levert
  65. "Unnamed Feeling" Metallica
  66. "Lady" Neffa
  67. "V*kkevuller" Simon
  68. "How I Love You" Sheek Louch
  69. "Filthy / Gorgeous" Scissor Sisters
  70. "Broken" Seether
  71. "Life Goes On" Pigeon John
  72. "Giving Up" Silverstein
  73. "Fabricando Fantasias" Tito Nieves
  74. "Viens Jusqu'à Moi" Élodie Frégé
  75. "No Milk Today" Royal Gigolos
  76. "My Obsession" Skillet
  77. "Transdermal Celebration" Ween
  78. "Darkness" Darren Hayes
  79. "Aicha" Singuila
  80. "Shadow" Ashlee Simpson
  81. "First Of The Gang To Die" Morrissey
  82. "Keep This Fire Burning" Beverley Knight
  83. "Vacant" East West
  84. "Same Team, No Games" Gang Starr
  85. "Broken" Elisa
  86. "12 Ko No Kisetsu ~4 Dome No Haru~" Ai Kawashima
  87. "Blue" Perfect Circle
  88. "Change The World" P.O.D.
  89. "P.I.M.P." 50 Cent
  90. "I'm Ridin' Big Yo" Pastor Troy
  91. "Nos Vamos A La Cama" Los Lunnis
  92. "Quarterbackin" E-40
  93. "E' Stato Tanto Tempo Fa" Simone
  94. "Va Dire à Rome" Jérome Collet
  95. "Fuffies Im Club" Sido
  96. "Runaway" Groove Coverage
  97. "L'Uomo Volante" Marco Masini
  98. "C'mon C'mon" Von Bondies
  99. "Modern Times" J Five
  100. "Long As I Live" John Michael Montgomery