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  1. "I Kiss Your Lips" Dj Maurice
  2. "Early on Tuesday" Jesse Cook
  3. "Don't Stop" John Marks
  4. "Tracking" John Marks
  5. "Calabria" Dirty Laundry
  6. "Diamond In The Ruff" Jaheim
  7. "Sayonara, Arigatou ~Tatta Hitotsu No Basho~" Ai Kawashima
  8. "Plush" Stone Temple Pilots
  9. "Esta Ausencia" David Bisbal
  10. "Pow (Forward)" Lethal Bizzle
  11. "New Tony Lamas" Deryl Dodd
  12. "Not What You See" Kutless
  13. "Right Now" Korn
  14. "Funny" Gerald Levert
  15. "Head Bussa" Lil Scrappy
  16. "The Trawlerman's Song" Mark Knopfler
  17. "Heaven And Earth" Pop
  18. "So Cold" Breaking Benjamin
  19. "Drive Me Crazy" Kevin Lyttle
  20. "Vorbei" Christina Stürmer
  21. "If I Was Your Girlfriend" Nicole Wray
  22. "Seven Nation Army" Punk Division
  23. "Never Say Never" Sinai Beach
  24. "You Raise Me Up" Selah
  25. "Here Comes Tecca Nina" Tech N9Ne
  26. "Cut Off" Kasabian
  27. "Switchback" Celldweller
  28. "Desnudate Mujer" David Bisbal
  29. "Freakin' Out" Graham Coxon
  30. "Whiskey Girl" Toby Keith
  31. "Victory" Jam Project
  32. "My Hood" Elliott Ness
  33. "Simbiosi" Meg
  34. "Dreams" Diana DeGarmo
  35. "Wild Dances" Ruslana
  36. "Ojalá Que Te Mueras" Pesado
  37. "Buon Compleanno" Irene Grandi
  38. "Ramaganana" Treble
  39. "Tonight" Bad Boy's Da Band
  40. "Try" Nelly Furtado
  41. "Brighter Than Sunshine" Aqualung
  42. "Last One Standing" Emerson Drive
  43. "Thirst For You" CeCe Winans
  44. "My Worst Fear" Rascal Flatts
  45. "Plaything" Raffish
  46. "What Am I To You" Norah Jones
  47. "I Meant To" Brad Cotter
  48. "The Connection" Phish
  49. "Swing Low (Sweet Chariot)" UB40
  50. "Since 77" Paul Kalkbrenner
  51. "On My Knees" 411
  52. "Theologians" Wilco
  53. "Mulheres São De Venus E Os Homens São De Marte" Tihuana
  54. "You've Escaped" Aloha
  55. "Eso Duele" Intocable
  56. "Rocker" Alter Ego
  57. "Sing A Song" Third Day
  58. "Do You Think I'm Sexy" Girls Of FHM
  59. "Call Me Mellow" Tears For Fears
  60. "Gravity" Shawn McDonald
  61. "I Love NASCAR" Cledus T. Judd
  62. "Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous" RuPaul
  63. "Breathe" Static-X
  64. "Dark Of The Matinee" Franz Ferdinand
  65. "Pulse Of The Maggots" Slipknot
  66. "Je Reste Ghetto" Tragédie
  67. "Filthy / Gorgeous" Scissor Sisters
  68. "Away From Me" Puddle Of Mudd
  69. "Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)" Eamon
  70. "Embers" Mending Point
  71. "Stand Up Tall" Dizzee Rascal
  72. "Makin' Out" Mark Owen
  73. "It's Hard To Kiss The Lips..." Notorious Cherry Bombs
  74. "Banana Split" Sandra Lou
  75. "Oggi Sono Un Demone" Il Nucleo
  76. "Into The West" Annie Lennox
  77. "Papi Chulo" Lorna
  78. "Liar" Vanilla Ninja
  79. "Aunque No Te Pueda Ver" Alex Ubago
  80. "Pass That Dutch (Remix)" Missy Elliot
  81. "Rock Steady" Zoe
  82. "Insult Like The Truth" Unshaken
  83. "Low" Kelly Clarkson
  84. "You Can Do It" Ice Cube
  85. "I'm Still Awake" Hybrid
  86. "Young And The Hopeless" Good Charlotte
  87. "Du Bist Nicht Allein" Zeichen der Zeit
  88. "Você Me Apareceu" Kaleidoscopio
  89. "Sexy Eyes" Baby Bash
  90. "Up For Breakfast" Van Halen
  91. "L'Eternita" Giorgia
  92. "Me Canse De Morir Por Tu Amor" Adan Chalino Sanchez
  93. "Zoe Jane" Staind
  94. "Truly Amazing" P.O.D.
  95. "Coo Coo Che" Ric-A-Che
  96. "Raise the Bar" Talib Kweli
  97. "Eu Beu" Pavel Stratan
  98. "Summertime Blues" Rush
  99. "Perfect Goodbye" Heart
  100. "Me, Myself And I" Beyonce